Watch A Time Lapse Of Park Center Demolition

The Demolition Has Been Announced As Completed


“Parker Center, the controversial building that housed the Los Angeles Police Department for over 50 years, is officially no more.

Yesterday, the City of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Engineering announced that above-ground demolition of the eight-story building is now complete. The process, which began in August 2018, is expected to proceed through the end of 2019.” — Urbanize Los Angeles

“The site will be home to a new building, the Los Angeles Street Civic Building, which will house hundreds of City employees that are currently in more remote locations and in rental space,” wrote the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering in a statement published yesterday.

Urbanize LA reports that “the City of Los Angeles issued a request for qualifications to developers earlier this year for the construction of a new office tower on the property. The anticipated project would be a 27-story, 450-foot-tall building containing 750,000 square feet of offices, 65,000 square feet of ground-floor retail, and 1,200 subterranean parking spaces.”

Watch the time-lapse video of the lengthy demolition process of the controversial building which was home to the Los Angeles Police Department from 1955 through 2009.