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ETHERICA: A Galactic Sound Journey | Jumpstart 2020

January 18 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

We are at the beginning of a brand NEW DECADE – 2020 is here and it is the perfect time to align with INNER PEACE, CONNECTION, HAPPINESS, BALANCE, LOVE, ABUNDANCE and SUCCESS in all your endeavors!

This is a powerful SOUND HEALING JOURNEY combining sacred 432HZ healing instruments with live mantra music along with guided meditation, breathwork and energy healing surrounded by 360 dome visuals to take you on a magical journey so you can HEAL from within, RAISE your VIBRATION and fully LIVE the LIFE of your DREAMS. 

ETHERICA- Galactic Sound Journey at WISDOME LA

Join us on this one of a kind experience led by Ava Milva along with her team of musicians and healers so you can release old patterns, align with your goals, relax your mind and activate your highest potential in 2020!

One of a kind

Sound Bath

Live Mantra Music

432 HZ Sacred Healing Instruments


Guided Meditation to Align with your Goals in 2020

Energy Healing

World Class Musicians

360 Dome Visuals

Conscious CommUNITY

Relax Recharge Elevate

Etherica at Wisdome LA

These special healing sounds and energy have the power to heal on a deep cellular level and have been proven to alleviate stress and anxiety and leave you in a state of harmony, joy, love and connection.

Sound can heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level as it raises the vibration of the body to a higher frequency so it is no longer a match for lower frequency thoughts, emotions, patterns and more.

This ancienct technology was used for healing by many advanced civilizations such as Egypt and now we are remembering how to use it in our modern lives. 

What makes this journey unique is the powerful synergy of different healing modalities and all musicians and healers. Ava is a singer, musician and healer, who works with sound and energy as well as a channel for high vibrational energies that allow for rapid transformation and elevation of consciousness. 

Special guest musicians and sound and energy healers are carefully curated to join each event and share their one of a kind gifts and energy. Various instruments such as violin, guitar, sitar add extra layers to the traditional sound healing ensemble of alchemy crystal bowls, gongs and more.

The live mantra performance invokes altered states of consciousness that channel the infinite potential of spirit.

High vibration sound frequencies  increase well being, promote relaxation and a feeling of happiness. New energy downloads and light codes transmission facilitate healing on a deep cellular level.

A powerful guided meditation will take you on a journey to align with the life of your dreams. A healing breathwork will help release old energy so you can live more fully in the present. Gong meditation will vibrate through your body a cosmic healing frequency.


Meditative visuals will be played througout the whole event and as you lay down you can take in the visual extravaganza that Wisdome LA creates in this one of a kind setting.

7:00 pm Event starts (Last entry at 7:15 pm)

This all immersive experience that will begin with consciouns breathing and subtle body movement to help release any stagnant energy., deepen the connection with the physical body and open the energy channels to receive the healing energies and sounds.

7:10 pm Intention Setting Meditation

A powerful intention setting guided meditation to create positive change and direction and activate your life purpose.

7:15 pm Breathwork

The laying down experience begins with holotropic breath work to awaken the kundalini energy and increase vitality and cell regeneration. Also, this will help release stored trauma and emotions so you can let go of old patterns. Sacred sounds will be played during this part.

7:25 pm Live Mantra Performance

Then we continue with live mantra performance with high vibrational chants that are very healing and have the power to raise your consciousness. The healing power of the voice is a powerful tool to bring healing to your mind, body and soul. We will also incorporate unique instruments here such as violin, along with alchemy crystal bowls, quartz crystal bowls and more.

7:55 pm Gong Meditation

Then we will transition to a deep gong relaxation and meditation, where we will play multiple planetary gongs that carry a universal healing frequency. This will clear the mind and will also help release any old emotions and patterns in order to make space for more goodness in one’s life.

8:10 pm Various instruments

In the final part we will play various instruments, such as violin, ocean drum, healing harp, Koshi chimes and more as you enjoy deep healing and meditative visuals.

8:25 Closing prayer

8:30 pm Tea Ceremony

Healthy Drinks by our sponsor and social time

9:00 pm Event ends-  you can stay and hang out for an extra hour and check out the other domes, Samskara movie, the vendors or simply savor your experience.

Ava Milva

About the facilitator:

Ava Milva was born in Europe (Bulgaria) and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA coming from a renowned lineage of healers. She has used her natural healing gifts to help others all of her life and has worked in music as a singer and composer since a very young age, recently producing her own music. Ava holds a BA from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL and is a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and sound healer with years of experience teaching and creating uplifting events across the Los Angeles area. Ava uses the unique power of mantra music and the voice combined with sacred instruments to raise the vibration, heal and elevate. Ava is the founder and creator of Etherica, where she merges her creative and healing talents in a one of a kind experience that brings community together. Ava is also a certified practitioner in various energy healing modalities- Reiki, Clear Light Healing, Theta Healing and most recently Guided Light healing. She is also a trained intuitive guide who works one on one with people from all over the world to help them create the life of their dreams.

Early registration is encouraged due to limited space. With ticket purchase, you gain FREE access to the Samskara exhibition at all the other domes at Wisdome LA.

FREE street parking


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