They Set 1,800 Traps At LA’s City Hall: No Fleas

So what was all of the commotion about?


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Three hours into Friday’s meeting of the L.A. City Council, city staff reported back on what they found — or rather, didn’t find — after inspecting City Hall and several adjacent buildings for rats and fleas.

City staff, along with workers in L.A. County’s health department, placed 1,800 flea traps in the floors and ceilings of Los Angeles’ halls of power. And then they checked them.

“An analysis of the traps revealed that we had found silverfish and some occasional invaders such as millipedes,” said David Paschal, an assistant general manager for the city’s general services department. “No fleas after we examined those 1,800 traps.”

Paschal added that some rat droppings were found on some of the lower floors in L.A. City Hall, but burrows were found only outside the building.



“We recognized immediately that rodents are living in the planters and living in the soil that’s adjacent to the buildings in the civic center,” said Paschal.

The report came more than a month after a deputy city attorney went public with claims she had contracted typhus after being bit by fleas while working in her office in City Hall East. She took her story to KNBC. A few days later, city council President Herb Wesson authored a motion calling for an investigation of vermin in the civic center, and an audit of how city employees store food and dispose of their trash. He also proposed removing all the carpets in the building.