The Jyim – DTLA’s Newest Fitness Studio

The newest fitness studio in Downtown LA opens with flying colors.

The Jyim Downtown LA

Working out has always been one of my top priorities. I have to admit….I actually have no ounce of athleticism in me.  I’ve just always loved staying in shape. Exercise keeps my body healthy and my mind relaxed. The Jyim Downtown LA || Fitness Studio DTLA

Because I love working out so much, I have to change up my routine. I have always been a fan of workout classes and trainers because of the environment. I love having that extra little push that I need to do my best.

I’ve worked with several trainers before, and honestly, I haven’t had a good experience yet. I have worked with a trainer who had tried to put me on her specific diet plan, a trainer who had pushed me too hard even when body was physically exhausted, and a trainer who would be upset at last minute cancellations.

As an adult, you are responsible for your own body, your time, and your money. If you choose to commit to a trainer, he or she should understand that sometimes you are tired mentally or physically and that sometimes things happen and you have to cancel last minute.

Jyima Ofori-Atta was different from all the trainers I’ve experienced.

Why? Because he cares.

I had actually scheduled a session with Jyima several times and have had so many last minute cancellations. I was a little nervous going in because I was thinking to myself, “he’s going to hate me already…”

But, I was wrong.

The moment I walked in, he greeted me with such energy. He was so casual and cool and said with a big smile, “I knew you would make it!!!” (since I also came 15 minutes late…)

Just within 5 minutes of speaking to Jyima, I could see the passion he has for what he does. Fitness is his career, but his clients are what keep him going. He will work around your schedule. He will accommodate your needs and not try to force any principles on you. It’s because he works for you. He works for me. He works for everyone. When you commit, he commits. Having someone who has your back 100% is what keeps you going. That is exactly what Jyima does.

The Jyim Downtown LA

I had an amazing boxing session with Jyima. He was encouraging without being too aggressive. He also didn’t just want me to go through the motions. He made sure that my form and technique were right for all the exercises. Jyima has a great energy to him, and I was also able to feed off of it to keep myself going no matter how exhausted I was.




For this gym, Jyima offers different types of classes to keep your body burning and to keep your workout fun.

The JYIM CLASSES: +Yoga | +Circuit Training | +Core and Cardio | +Boxing | +TRX | +Hybrid Yoga

Location: 830 Traction Ave. Ste 2b Los Angeles, CA 90013  || (Arts District, Downtown Los Angeles)

Times: Mon-Fri : 5:30AM-10:00PM || Sat: 8AM-6PM || Sun: 8AM-12PM




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