TeaShot DTLA

Tasty drinks with vibrant colors that are sure to grab the attention of your eyes and Tastebuds.
Teashot Downtown LA DTLA
Courtesy TeaShot on instagram via @vegasandfood

Teashot Downtown LA DTLA

Half the fun of trying something for the first time is the excitement of tasting new flavors, the other half is sharing that experience with others. As it goes, our phones are the best tools we have to spread the word on something we enjoy. Who doesn’t like showing off their aesthetically pleasing drinks to the social media world? Look no further than the vibrantly colored, Insta worthy selections over at TeaShot for your next picture fix.

Situated inside the Weller Court Shopping Center in Little Tokyo, TeaShot opened in 2017 and is a place where you can experience unique teas, Intelligentsia coffee, sweets, and much more.

Teashot Downtown LA DTLA
Courtesy TeaShot Instagram via @paulsfoodhaul

Here they pride themselves on using real milk and milk alternatives as well as all-natural ingredients and organic options for teas and coffee. With each drink brewed to order, the freshness of the selections cannot be questioned.

The bright blue facade of TeaShot will call your attention immediately before entering the hole-in-the-wall style shop. Inside there are a few tables to sit and enjoy your drink, along with a bench by the counter to wait for your order if you’re on the go. Along the wall they have decorative props perfectly placed to set up your much anticipated Instagram shot.

Teashot Downtown LA DTLA
Courtesy TeaShot Instagram

Customers can choose to order one of the house-made drinks, which include the signature lychee tea, pearl horchata, rose milk tea, salt cream jasmine green tea, among many others. There’s also the option to create your own specialty tea from a list of five tea and four milk options.  

For 50 cents each, toppings like honey boba, chia seeds, and aloe vera bits can be added.

Teashot Downtown LA DTLA
Courtesy TeaShot Instagram via @woods_to_waves

If you’re feeling adventurous, try the cookie shot for a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Available in red velvet, cookies-n-cream, or chocolate chip, a dense cookie batter is molded into the shaped into a makeshift shot glass, baked, and lined with frosting. A coffee of your choice is poured into the cookie cup and ready to enjoy.


TeaShot is located at 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka # 101-D in Little Tokyo. It’s open Sunday – Thursday from 9am – 9pm, and until 10pm on Friday and Saturday.


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