Tease If You Please

Twice a month on Broadway, in the heart of downtowns theater strip, the historic Globe Theater hosts a glamorous burlesque show called 'Tease If You Please'. Tease If You Please show features six uniquely, sexy dancers who are dedicated to keeping the art of burlesque alive!

RNP_2016-1Twice a month on Broadway, in the heart of downtowns theater strip, the historic Globe Theater hosts a glamorous burlesque show called ‘Tease If You Please’. Tease If You Please show features nine to ten uniquely, sexy dancers who  are dedicated to keeping the art of burlesque alive! This show celebrates the authenticity of burlesque with a modern twist.



Tease If You Please never repeats the same show twice. It’s handpicked cast features professionally trained dancers of all shapes and backgrounds from all over the world. For $30 a ticket, guests have a reason to dress up and revel in performances full of dance, visual ecstasy and even comedy.



Not only is each performance unique to both its style and tone, but also each woman brought a special talent of their own to the stage, featuring a variety of specialty acts consisting of singers, contortionists, acrobats, fans and hosts that will have you aching with laughter!


Every kind of woman both in size and ethnicity were adored by the fans and brought with them empowering performances. Both men and women alike had their jaws dropping to the floor. But the stage wasn’t reserved for just all types of beautiful women, the host also had some moves to show.


Half way through a show an incredibly funny and sexy performance of ‘Gangnam Style’ had the crowd both cheering from laughter and excitement. I didn’t know that dance could or would ever be sexy until now.



As a woman myself, I genuinely enjoyed the show, from the top tiered hospitality to the beautiful historic theater dressed in red lights, this night was one of the most memorable Ive had in Los Angeles. I left feeling both empowered as a woman and feeling like I had experienced what a real burlesque would have been like in the height of its time in the 1900’s.



Creator of Tease If You Please Donna Hood found love for dance at a very young age in Houston, Texas. Training in all styles of dance she would have never imagined that this would be the style and stage that she found her true passion. Donna moved from Houston to Los Angeles in the summer of 2010 and immediately started performing. Donna then booked a part in the touring burlesque show titled, “Strip Strip hooray!” alongside the Queen of Burlesque herself, Dita Von Teese. She dove head first into her first production, “Tease If You Please” and she plans to take this show to new heights and share the art of burlesque with audiences for years to come.



If you want an excuse to get dressed up and go out on the town  where you’ll be  visually entranced, enchanted and enticed then look no further. This is a show in LA that you can’t miss!  The next show at the Globe Theater will be September 9th at 8:30pm ! visit www.teaseifyouplease.com for more information.