Summer Dance Parties at the Music Center Offer Everything From Bollywood to Cumbia

For the past 15 summers, the Music Center has been hosting free Friday Night Dance Parties in DTLA.

Original Article By: Kristopher Gee

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DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES – For the past 15 summers, the Music Center has been hosting free Friday Night Dance Parties in DTLA.

The event, which draws in hundreds, even thousands of Angelenos and visitors, covers a wide variety of dance genres from Bollywood to cumbia. No worries if you’re a beginner, each event is led by a local dance pro who gives the crowd all the basics they need to get their dance on.

Elena Muslar came in from South L.A. for Texas line dancing night.

“I only know about line dancing from my family reunions,” said Muslar. “You got your Cupid Shuffle, you got your one-two step on the different side of the tracks. This is a different type of one-two step so I was very excited to get my country music on.”

The Music Center’s Lucy Zepeda says the event has taken off especially in the last couple of years when they moved it to Grand Park as the Music Center Plaza has been closed for a multi-million dollar renovation.

“Tonight is kind of on the smaller side, we have like 300 to 400 people inside the concert hall,” said Zepeda. “Last week we had 3,000 people on the event lawn of Grand Park. So, you know, the crowds vary depending on the popularity of the genre as well.”

As the number of attendees grows, so too does the event lineup. This year they’ve added three new dance styles and those already familiar with them can learn something new as instructors like to mix things up from time to time.

“I really liked when [the instructor] incorporated some salsa into the country line dancing,” said Muslar. “That was a fusion I wasn’t ready for but I was so here for it.”

While you might not make it on to Dancing With the Stars right away, most find the event a great way to make some new friends and get the ol’ blood pumping.


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