Somewhere Beneath Los Angeles

Believe it or not, there is an entirely new world beneath the greater Los Angeles area. A place rumored to be filled with crocodiles, giant karate-teaching rats and teenage ninja turtles that most Angelenos have never even heard of. Today I finally set out to see first hand exactly what that world was like!

The Los Angeles subways have been a spot on the top of my bucket list for quite some time now. There has always been something about these tunnels that have urged me to want to venture down and explore. Caught between the symmetry, vanishing vantage points and “no trespassing” signs, my good friend @willian516 and I decided it was finally time to hop the barrier and find out exactly what was down there.
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I never thought I would have this much fun at 2 AM on a humid LA summer night. The journey started very well. Inside the actual tunnels there are either no cameras or security workers who simply do not care if civilians off the street walk onto the tracks. Either way, it worked out well for @willian516 and I because we had a blast shooting photos on and around those tracks for a good 45 minute walk.
DTLA Photography

The climax of the adventure came as we stumbled on this beautiful crossing of the East and West point tracks. Unfortunately, this is also around the same time our night took a turn for the worst. Still in awe of the view, a distant but aggressive “HEY!! HEY!!” was yelled by someone no more than 50 feet deeper into the subway. At that point without another word, I switched off the camera picked up the tripod, flipped a 180 and booked it as fast as I could back the same way we came. There was no time to digest what exactly was going on but @willian516 did manage to get a quick glimpse of the people yelling and said they where two men in matching blue shirts.
DTLA Photography

It was a mile and a half sprint back to the original station we came in from, and the entire run I thought in my head security would be waiting with handcuffs, ready to take us to jail only after deleting the memory card off my camera.  Upon arrival there where no guards, just an angry woman yelling on the megaphones throughout the station; “Two individuals running on the tracks, SECURE ALL ENTRIES!” Stopping at nothing, we made it out of the station safe.
DTLA Photography

Although no mutant turtle sightings, the Los Angeles subways allowed for an amazing adrenaline-filled night. Tired, sweaty, heart pumping…we went out for drinks afterwards and all was good.

I DO NOT ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO VENTURE DOWN THESE SUBWAYS BY THE WAY! For your own safety, please allow these photos and story to be sufficient!


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