Sofar Sounds Hits DTLA

A Small Crowd Gathered in a Little Tokyo gallery for Sofar Sounds' latest " Secret Gig".

RNP__Sofar_LA_2016-8Last weekend  a small crowd gathered in a little tokyo gallery for Sofar Sounds latest ” secret gig”. Sofar is an intimate event where new (upcoming) artists perform in unique spaces to an audience of music lovers. Founded in London in 2010 and now based in 263 cities around the world, Sofar Sounds is a global network of artists, hosts, and guests, all with the goal of bringing the magic back to live music. Attendees must “Apply for a Ticket” on the event they’d  like to go to and their name is put into a draw. From that list, Sofar local teams will select their guests for the night.

New Madrid performing, Follow them @NewMadrid

When asking Sara Mengesha, Lead for the night, Why make the gigs secret? , she replied “We believe that all artists should be treated with equal respect, whether they’re well-known or not. So to make sure that people don’t apply based on who they’ve heard of, we keep our lineups secret right up to the beginning of the show. ”

Vox performing, Follow her @itsmevox

Staying true to  the guidelines, attendees stayed the whole show and not a word was spoken during the performances. It really did feel like people genuinely wanted to just listen and also meet their neighboring angelenos.  Like Sara said ” Not in many venues in LA do you have such an intimate community of real music lovers that both want to listen to the music and also meet new people. Here you can sit down, phone down and just listen, it consumes you.”

Trackless band performing, Follow them @tracklessband

The performances were unique and diverse all in their own way adding to the intimate setting. Sofar will be having over twenty five events next month all over Los Angeles, venue ever changing from gallery, back yard or even someones living room.  To find Sofar gigs in LA, check out their event listings here or follow them @sofarsoundsla .

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