Rooftop Cinema Club’s Wicked-Cool October Roster Is Here

"Hocus Pocus," "The Blob," and other cinematic candy corns will add flavor to this Hollywood/DTLA film series.

Rooftop Cinema Club dtla los angeles

Original Article Credit by Alysia Gray Painter for NBC Los Angeles

What might be found up in the sky when an October moon shimmers brightly?

Witches merrily flying through silvery clouds, perhaps. Ghosties fluttering through on a breeze. And, in the distance, the flapping of bat wings, as they return to their castle home after a long night of batting about.

But there are two more things to be found high above the ground when the spookiest month so charmingly materializes: The screening series at Neuehouse in Hollywood and LEVEL in DTLA.

It’s the Rooftop Cinema Club we’re fluttering our bat wings over here, and while this cinematic treat is associated with summertime, it is making a fall appearance, one that involves some of the chillingest and thrillingest of Halloween movies.

The series recently revealed its October 2019 schedule, so let the cackling, and ticket purchasing commence.

Zooming in on a broomstick?

“Hocus Pocus” shall cast a spell at both locations on select nights, as will “Beetlejuice.” There’s a “Fright Night” screening and Q&A at LEVEL, and a similar night for “King Kong” at Neuehouse.

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