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The Famous Skyline from angles and areas all over...


Los Angeles is one of the most naturally versatile cities in Southern California without question. Regardless where you choose to wander into nature, you will always have a spectacular view of the city! What makes Los Angeles such a great place to be is that wether your exploring the Hollywood Hills, Griffith Park, Eagle Rock, City Terrace, Elysian Park or even Culver City, there will always be a unique and breathtaking point of view. 01CC0CE8-1024x646 0443FBC8-779x1024 0525D6A0-2-1024x614 DSC_1033-1024x699

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Raquel "Rocky" Natalicchio is an international photo journalist who is currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. She is passionately attached to her camera and how they view the world. Having been raised as a traveler, living in Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and traveling throughout Europe, her style, personality, and ability to climb anything in her path have put her in the forefront of street and urban photography. Keep up with her on the next adventure by Following her IG: @rockmyworldrocky , #RNPExplores