Mezcalero ~ Tequila, Tacos, & More!

Downtown LA's Newest Mezcal & Tequila Bar.

Opening less than a month ago, Mezcalero is already making waves in downtown Los Angeles with the locals. There are so many bars in DTLA. There are also several bars that are focused on Tequila or Mezcal. So, what makes Mezcalero stand out? Why do people keep coming back? Mezcalero Downtown LA

Mezalero is unique. It’s simple. It’s affordable. Seriously, who doesn’t love tacos, tequila, and happy hour?img_6682rt

Mezcalero perfectly blends the ambiance of a casual neighborhood bar with the specialty of Mezcal and its tequila-inspired quality cocktails.

This bar is nestled into the corner of Broadway. The bright lights around the entrance are what draw you in.

The moment you step foot into this bar you want to stay because the space welcomes you. You see a foos ball table, comfy seating, and a casual bar setting. There’s nothing turning you away from some tequila and tacos.



Despite being such a new venue, the bar has already started a pretty impressive agave program. Nathan McCullough, the bar manager, was extremely knowledgeable with the spirits, friendly, and passionate about his work. Locals are able to gain greater understanding of the Mexican food culture through these Mezcal-inspired cocktails.


Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em~ Roasted corn infused Maestro Dobel tequila, cinnamon, burnt tortilla syrup, byrrh quinquina, fresh celery, lime juice

This is one of Nathan’s most distinctive cocktail creations. This drink has the perfect amount of smokiness and sweetness to it. What makes this drink stand out is its originality. At any restaurant, you’re bound to burn something. So, when you burn tortillas here, why not make a drink out it? Nathan created this “burnt tortilla” syrup and ended up with a signature cocktail.

Oaxaca Shame ~ Roasted Corn mescal, Hendricks gin, crème de violette, cream sherry, dry vermouth, hojo santo leaf tincture & absinthe
Chango Boraccho ~ Monkey Shoulder Scotch, marzipan syrup, honey, bitters, fresh ginger, lemon juice
The Naughty Bits- Even Williams Bourbon, cream sherry, malbec, house made kola, bitters, fresh ginger, lemon juice
Unseaworthy ~ Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Jamaican over proof rum, allspice dram, pomegranate syrup, coconut cream, bitters, fresh lemon & pineapple juice

These cocktails were paired so nicely with Mezcalero’s selection of tacos. There were shrimp, pork, chicken, beef, and even octopus tacos!  Every taco was well- seasoned, a good portion size to pair with your drink, and had a great nice presentation. As soon as the food got to my table,  I couldn’t even wait to take a bite. They smell as good as they taste! 😛

One taco for $5 or two tacos for $9

img_6803rtOverall, this place is a highlight and great addition on Broadway.  The service is quick, the staff are eager & friendly, the prices are affordable, and the drinks are on point. This is definite a stop for every Taco Tuesday!


510 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013

Hours of Operation:

7 days a week//  3pm- 2am