Los Angeles’ Most Difficult Destination

When on the hunt for new locations in DTLA, I have found that from time to time there are 3 essential things you must be willing and able to do to get to your desired destination; Be ready with a good story as to why you are where ever it is you are. Have the ability to peacefully negotiate with random people off the street. And finally, be willing to give out a couple dollars as an incentive to locals offering help.

This stunning location has been on the top of my bucket list for quite some time now. Not only was this spot extremely difficult to find, but once found, the surrounding neighborhood made it dangerously annoying to get in and stay in long enough to get shots I was happy with. Apparently photography is strictly prohibited inside of the building, so my brother (@chinflix_) and I stood out quickly. Also the fact that we where overly excited at the fact that we finally managed to get in after visiting three times prior didn’t make blending in any smoother either.

DTLA Photography

Immidietly @chinflix_ and noticed anyone who’d walk by would bless us with obvious dirty looks until finally a group of 3 people surrounded us in rage complaining that the management is so poor and how the people who live in the building where tired of photographers coming onto the property to take pictures. A bit shaken up and scared, my brother and I let them escort us out of the building and force us to have yet another unsuccessful visit to this hidden DTLA gem. After apologizing for any inconvenience or disturbance we may have caused, I started explaining to one of the residents, named “Rage”, my reason for being there and how if given just a few more minutes to take photos my brother and I would be able to get the shots we needed and definitely never come back. To make a long conversation of persuasion and negotiation short, Rage agreed to let us back in the building after I offered to give her a couple bucks for the help and these photos where the result.

DTLA Photography

Despite the fear of getting jumped by a gang of angry locals, I always love meeting and talking to new people on the streets. Also, the shots came out phenomenal in my opinion which made it all worth the effort. If you’re into exploring and adventure as much as I am, always remember these 3 major keys; Have a good reason ready to explain why you are wherever it is you are (whether true or not). Don’t be afraid to make friends with people on the streets, scary looking or not they may be able to offer some type of help. Lastly, if all else fails, always carry a few singles in your pocket incase help doesn’t come free. You’d be amazed how quickly peoples attitudes change when money is involved.

DTLA Photography


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