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Were you at the first Sunset Club this past month? If not, then you missed out!

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In 2013, Late Night Laggers started as a group of friends creating special moments for music and art lovers in Los Angeles. Three years later, their purpose remains which is to produce explicitly memorable experiences and inspire those around them to join in on the fun. Through their events, they aim to bring together forward thinking musicians, DJ’s, designers, producers and live artists to create previously untapped collaborations between them that ultimately push music culture and art further than ever before. A Late Night Lagger production is more than just a party, it’s a place for discovering new music, new art, new friends and new possibilities. Late Night Laggers’ curated series such as Calentura, Plugged-In, Tropixx and Sunset Club have brought together these different artistic elements in an effort to keep the Los Angeles music and art scene evolving and looking towards new horizons. Late Night Laggers are certainly happy to be involved and doing their part in building the local and global music community and continue exploring new avenues to bring people together.

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Were you at the first Sunset Club this past month? If not, then you missed out! Lucky for you, the Sunset Club happens every 2nd Sunday of the month from August – October. This rooftop party takes place in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, providing attendees with an awesome view of the DTLA skyline along with an epic backdrop for your photos. The location alone is appealing but it is also an ideal place to view the sunset while enjoying some drinks with friends and getting your dance on to some amazingly curated music. It’s the place to be on a Sunday evening.



Eden Hagos (Soulection)
Eden Hagos (Soulection)


I arrived at the Sunset Club during the golden hour. The sun was beginning to set behind the downtown skyline as Soulection’s Eden Hagos was spinning, talk about a great first impression. The venue is spacious offering a huge dance floor along with plenty areas to sit and booths perfect for larger groups. Throughout the event, there are a variety of vendors selling art, clothes and crafts. You can order just about any drink/ cocktail you desire from the full bar.  Not to mention carne asada or chicken tacos from the taco lady. What more can you ask for at a party? One more thing to make you fall in love with this Sunday event is it’s FREE when you RSVP. Late Night Laggers sure knows how to party!

Aztlan Quetzal (Late Night Laggers)
Aztlan Quetzal (Late Night Laggers)
kidbusiness (Late Night Laggers)
kidbusiness (Late Night Laggers)
JDRAGO (Juke Bounce Werk Crew)
JDRAGO (Juke Bounce Werk Crew)

The next Sunset Club is happening on August 14, 2016. RSVP here and see you all this Sunday!

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  1. Mikhaela Mancao

    Oh this looks neat! Will definitely be at the next one. Thanks for spreading the word! -Mikhaela ([email protected])

  2. Gooood sounds

    I had a joyous time vending at this event. Ppl of all walks of l.a. party life came to heat it up. The djs had me moving even during set up and kept the vibes on high, there was a low point tho… As i left the sounds faded but it was poppin till then. The ladies was fuego, the fellas um, ask the ladies …if you missed me at the first one check me out on i.g. @thotcreations #thotcreations

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