LA FASHION WEEK SS 2018 – Opening Night!!

SS 2018 Starts Tonight! Find out the basics and find out how you can watch live !! And see pieces of our first ever interview with Arthur Chipman; LAFW executive producer.

Tonight, LAFW SS 2018 lauches it’s fifth season at the Alexandria Hotel in DTLA. (See our story on the Alexandria)

Welcome LAFW, we’re excited to have you here in DTLA!!

The schedule for tonight is as follows:


The excitement begins tonight at the direction of LAFW executive producer Arthur Chipman. 

Arthur Chipman

For quite a while, all types of large organizations and publications have been attempting to “track him down and interview him”. He says he’s been private but “not from a lack of opportunities”.

Luckily for, he says he’s “starting to open up a lot more” and what follows are snapshots from the first ever interview with Arthur in L.A. over a couple of days prior to LAFW SS 2018.

Today we’ll cover LAFW , models and designers.

Please follow-up throughout the week with updates from the show and thoughts, ideas and ponderings from the first ever interview of Arthur Chipman.

LAFW Executive Producer – Arthur T Chipman


DB: What is Fashion Week?

Arthur Chipman: 

“The point of Fashion week… a platform for creatives and amazingly talented and award winning designer brands to come showcase their newest works, their collections … or arts and showcase it to the press and media and industry leaders to say hey this is what’s HOT and this is what’s is NOT.

In discussing who LAFW is, Chipman says “Our design and curation process is …. very very intense because for us we are all about quality over quantity. I cannot say that enough. For me, it’s not enough to just show t-shirts and ripped jeans. That doesn’t mean anything.”

He continues to discuss ideas about risk and edginess and says ” We really want to be a part of people who are taking more risks, doing things a little more edgy and definitely more innovative”

He contrasts that with NYFW and says New York is:

BORING and something that’s everyday expected…. if that’s what your expecting please…BORING old-cut…you know just traditional go to new York and you will see that there”

But in LAFW SS 2018 you will see “something cool, something edgy, something out-of-the-box, come here and experience LA Fashion Week. 


It’s a fashion show so of course there will be models…….

DB: What is a model’s place in a fashion show”

Arthur Chipman: 

“A model’s place is really to help translate the creative expression of a designer”

In discussing how the model selection process works and Chipman continued: 

“We’ve got an amazing fashion director Yasmin Morshedian who is running our fashion department, she is really really talented and we have hundreds of models that we’re casting…. All shapes, sizes and colors…”

“…we work with a lot of agencies such as NextMSA ModelsPhotogenics, Elite…a lot of the goto agencies…we work with, and they give us a lot of great talent, and really it’s the designers who end up choosing in the end…we help assist, but creative expression goes back to the creatives themselves.

In discussing the makeup of the models, Chipman says that the “Majority of fashion weeks around the world are primarily Caucasian…95% European or Caucasian….but we can do better than that”

LAFW SS 2018 will be different,  he continues that: “…..we’re extremely diverse, we’re mixed, we of course have traditional models, curvy models and we’re very proud to say that we support them in every way possible.



Arthur Chipman:

“All of our brands are very different but I love ’em all! and I just don’t say that lightly. ”

“We have a very diverse group this season.”

Later he ads that “One of the common themes by a lot of our designers is that they’re all very edgy they do a lot of risk taking and the thing is these are not the normal designers you’re going to find at department stores. These are next level super talented, super creative designers that we’re bringing here for L.A. and the L.A. audience that we feel is going to resonate very well here”

Chipman further discusses opening designer Noew Bernacelli:

“He’s going to be opening up our opening reception….his work is classic…LOVE HIM!”


Tonights show opener is Noe Bernacelli. Born in Perú, he became an admirer of beauty and one who celebrates women. He moved to Milan at 18 and after a career in fashion design, immersed himself in a world of redefining beauty, lived and breathed art and learned ancient techniques.

He returned to Perú seven years ago with the intention of starting his own brand and raising the bar of Peruvian fashion.

He has been well recongized by nationand and international media.

Tonight he makes his debut with the official LA Fashion Week.

Arthur Chipman: “One of my favorite design shows I’ve ever been a part of producing and working with is … his name is NOE BERNACELLI, he’s from Peru…. super talented.”

“He’s one of the top couture designers in South America, from Peru. You will love his work; absolutely breathtaking.”



How can you participate

The show will be streamed live. Check the following for updates:


Check back tomorrow for more highlights and excerpts from our interview with Arthur Chipman. 


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