Who Is Kozze?

Introducing an emerging R&B artist from the Los Angeles underground.

I don’t give electronic music a fair shake. I admit it. I listen to all the obscure synths and drums competing in the mix, and just tune out. Sometimes I completely miss out on the storytelling because of my derision.

KOZZE cuts through all my petty bias with his debut release – Episodes.

KOZZE – a.k.a. Kim Macedo

Swinging for the fences with his first single, KOZZE brings us a brutally honest story of longing. Prayin 4 The Weekend is a self-medicating confessional about unreciprocated love.


One of my biggest gripes with today’s music, is when producers don’t let the vocals breathe. Episodes maintains focus with a crisp production that keeps your head nodding. The songs plunge into somber hooks, laced with haunting melodies. This 10-track E.P. brings you a balls-out blend of R&B, Soul, and Pop.

Kim Macedo’s killer voice was first documented during his time in a local band called Iris (2004-2006). He went on to front the post-hardcore band The Messenger (2007-2010). After releasing Let’s Get Dangerous!, the band toured all over the country playing to thousands of fans. After taking some years off, he is back! Switching gears in 2014, Macedo went solo in his latest project KOZZE.


HappeninginDTLA: How does your songwriting process start? A beat? A melody? A lyric?

KOZZE: It really just depends. I could have a concept of what I wanna write about but sometimes an idea can give me the spark to start a new beat based around that mood. Ultimately, I try really hard not to write over a beat and let the melody and the lyric carry the song. Then I can go to town on the beat.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETUkRxYQmkE]

Prayin 4 the Weekend’s music video is full on captivating! How did all that come together?

Well I had a vision for what I wanted for the video. It had to match the mood of the song to the t. I was blessed with having friends in film and they also shared my vision of making a real, no bs video. I’m so happy with the outcome. It paved the way for all the visuals I want to be attached to in the future.

Do you have any more videos in the works?

I have visual concepts for all the next videos I wanna do. Just takes time to really perfect them all.

Between now, as KOZZE, and your time with The Messenger, Is songwriting easier as a Solo artist? Do you still collaborate?

I’ve always said, it’s very tough to have to rely on others to be creative. Although writing by myself has become a challenge, having 100 percent creative control is a huge relief. I do however, always have peers and people I respect glance over my work for any notes or minor changes because I’m a perfectionist, but I’ve learned to lay back a little and let the music speak for itself.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/261178421″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


Switching from Hardcore to Soul. What brought on the switch? Were there any challenges?

Well I grew up listening to R&B. My folks always played Marvin, or Boyz, or Al Green. I was always that guy on tour that would play the new Justin Timberlake record or Chris Brown. I can’t deny that I learned music on Rock though. I love both, but it’s been a long time coming.

What is your next big hurdle as a new artist in L.A.?

LA is probably the toughest market of all. Especially urban music. There’s so much competition. I stand by my music, hard. I’m confident. But I know there’s politics that go with it. So really trying to rebuild a fan base with a new genre is the biggest hurdle.

Back in high school, I vividly remember going to Sacred Grounds to see Iris. You guys would pack the place! It even inspired some friends and I to start bands. Who are the bands or artists that inspire YOU to jump on stage?

Silverchair. Daniel Fucking Johns.


What are some of your favorite tracks that you’re listening to right now?

I’m really diggin this underground dude

LVNDNV – Dragon

Also Getter – Head Splitter

Where’s the best place to hear out about the next KOZZE show?


You can follow KOZZE here: Facebook, InstagramTwitter & Soundcloud.



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