Iron Triangle Brewery

DTLA’s Newest Craft Beer Hot Spot

IT3What does Iron Triangle mean? Yeah, that was my first question, too. Evidently the name pays homage to the 3 men who worked together to build the Los Angeles Aqueduct; William Mulholland, Fred Eaton and Joseph Lippincott. In the early 1900’s, Los Angeles was struggling with the lack of access to water. The “Iron Triangle” as they became known, saw Los Angeles’ potential and knew once water was accessible to the public that the sky was the limit for the city. In 1905 the 3 visionaries began construction on the Aqueduct and with its completion sealed Los Angeles’ fate to become one of the largest and most exciting cities in America.

IT5Iron Triangle Brewery draws inspiration from the visionaries of the past and that is no clearer than when hearing sole owner, Nathan Cole speak about his passion for quality craft beer but also for his vision for the future of Downtown. He has been working to get this brewery up and running for years and now his dream is coming to fruition and there is no doubt that much beer, sweat and tears have been shed because of this huge undertaking. The Brewery sits on approximately 40,000 square feet of land in the Arts District and Cole intends to expand the brewery within the next several years to include a possible whiskey distillery and restaurant. The Grand Opening to the public scheduled sometime in January 2016 will showcase a beautiful 10,000 square foot building that was built in 1904. The tasting room and bar have touches of early 1900’s style as reflected by the bar stools and oak bar. And don’t forget to look up! The ceiling inside the building is gorgeous! In this space, a tasting room and bar shares it’s space with the Iron Triangle Brewhouse where all of their craft beers are made.

IT4I was fortunate enough to attend a media event and tasting this week at the brewery prior to its official Grand Opening. We were led on a tour of the brewhouse by Darren Moser the master behind brewing operations at Iron Triangle. As he walked us through the brew house past the numerous stainless steel fermenters, Darren informed us that he is responsible for recipe development and all brewing operations. As with anything hand crafted, it is always fantastic to be able to speak to someone face to face about their creations. He too seems passionate and very enthusiastic to be a part of the Iron Triangle Brewery team that is pioneering the craft brew scene in Downtown Los Angeles.

IT2As for the beers, it seems that the ‘Iron Triangle Dark Ale’ reigned supreme. Everywhere I turned I saw people drinking this delicious brew. This Ale’s description is spot on; “Don’t be intimated by its color. With hints of coffee and dark chocolate this dark beer manages to be both rich in flavor and refreshingly crisp.” This ale’s daunting dark color can definitely be intimidating but once you taste its smooth rich flavor, there is no going back. I also tried the ‘Iron Triangle India Pale Ale’ which is their signature IPA and ‘Mulholland’s Stash Barleywine’ both tasty but the ‘Iron Triangle Dark Ale’ was definitely my favorite.

ITThe Brewery’s goal in these first few years is slowly to expand outward and initially gain local support from restaurants and bars and eventually to move forward to larger scale distribution. This passionate team has made it apparent that they are full steam ahead and there is no doubt in my mind that Iron Triangle Brewery is going to be a DTLA staple. Keep your eyes and ears open for an official Grand Opening date so that you too can get YOUR hands on some delicious craft beer! Thanks for reading…Until next time.

Iron Triangle Brewery 1581 Industrial Street Los Angeles, California 90021

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