Health Concerns Discovered At Central Police Station

Various Health Violations Found, Steps Being Taken To Ensure Safe Environment For Workers.

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Original Article By Sean P. Thomas For LA Downtown News

DTLA—A number of health issues have surfaced at the Central Division police station in Skid Row.

The California Department of Industrial Relations has levied six violations and approximately $5,400 in fines against the Los Angeles Police Department for poor conditions at the station on Sixth Street between Wall Street and Maple Avenue. The violations range from a failure to provide effective illness prevention training to the lack of an effective insect and rodent extermination plan.

Other violations, according to documents from the department, include a failure to clean “dust, dirt/suspect mold/fungus” from the station’s heating and air conditioning registers in a

reasonable time (the violation was corrected during the November inspection).

The fines were levied on May 14.

In a Thursday, May 30, statement, the LAPD said it is reviewing the report.

“The State’s report is concerning and we are taking steps to ensure the men and women who work for the Los Angeles Police Department can come to work in a healthy environment,” the statement said.

The statement came a day after the department confirmed reports that two employees had contracted salmonella typhi, the bacteria responsible for typhoid fever. An LAPD representative told Los Angeles Downtown News that a third employee has started to show symptoms.

Downtown has seen an outbreak in typhus, which is frequently spread by fleas found on rats, cats and other animals. Typhoid fever is a different and serious disease spread by contaminated food or water.

It is uncertain how the individuals may have contracted the disease and whether it resulted from working in Central Division.

Original Article By Sean P. Thomas For LA Downtown News