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An Art Opening at Pskaufman

IMG_8084Secrets generally don’t make friends, but oftentimes they do. Especially when they come in the form of hidden spaces that feel way too good to be true. Spaces so hidden, it makes one wonder why they’re just now discovering them, but also grateful that they did, because finding something out is always better later than never, right? That said, let me tell you about a store that’s nestled away beneath the floorboards of a historic hotel located in Downtown LA. This store is tucked away so tight, one might miss it if they didn’t know where to go, but fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered, and are very thrilled to unfold all that is happening at Pskaufman.

IMG_8083-e1452157965823Pskaufman is a industrial inspired, fine leather shoe store that specializes in making high quality handcrafted shoes that are comfortable, durable, and good for the environment. The mastermind and founder behind the brand is veteran shoe designer Paul Kaufman (NaNa shoes). Paul opened the doors to Pskaufman November 2014. The shoe store is located in the Fashion District, and occupies the basement of an old hotel. The space is a bit of a labyrinth, with approximately 7,000 square feet that houses it’s store, office, and a large area that can be leased to host private events. This month, Pskaufman will be featuring a series of new paintings by Hudson Marquez called, “Head Over Heels.

IMG_7986-e1452292592534Hudson is known for his involvement in Ant Farm, and the creation of Cadillac Ranch, and plays a huge role in the development of contemporary America art. His new series “Head Over Heels” is inspired by the ladies of Bourbon Street. Each painting has a story and highlights what Hudson would see. He saw everything from stilettos, to slingbacks, pumps, and straps. He often wondered about their pasts, and in the process ended up painting the women from the dark shadows of the French Quarter, with a story for each piece that can now be seen at the Pskaufman gallery until Saturday, January 16th, with a possibility of it getting extended until the end of the month.

IMG_8009-e1452285177565The gallery opening of “Head Over Heels” was last week and featured performances by Dave Alvin (The Blasters & The Guilty Ones), and Jonny Two Bags (of Social Distortion & Cadillac Tramps), with Rick Shay and Jack Rudy.

IMG_8091-e1452297199370Each painting will be available for purchase during store hours (Tues.-Sat. 11am to 7pm & Sunday 12-6pm), with an indirect portion of the sales going towards the Ponderosa Stomp Foundation that celebrate the unsung heroes in American Music. For those that missed out on this month’s opening of “Head Over Heels,” you’ll want to save this date, and pencil in February 25th for Pskaufman’s event, Next Level. Next Level is an event curated by Corinne Loperfido that features Wearable artists who will be setting up pop up shops of their goods for you to peruse and purchase, as well as Performance artists that will collaborate with one of the wearable artists, while they bring their work to life through dance, music, projections, and movement.

IMG_8053-e1452295227777Interested in collaborating with Pskaufman? Then you’ll be pleased to know that Paul loves collaborating, whether it be designing custom footwear for other people, or other brands. He has a vision, and believes in creating something different every day. Which is how he came about coining the term “Style Is Subversive.” Style is Subversive is when one wants to have style, yet be different among the crowd. Why blend in when you can stand out? If you have a vision and want to join forces with Paul, you can do so by emailing all inquiries to: [email protected].

IMG_7914-e1452297391587To RSVP for “Head Over Heels” go here.

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Pskaufman | *8th Street and Werdin Place | Los Angeles, CA 90014 | 213.244.1276 | [email protected]

*Enter through the alley on 8th street between Main Street and Los Angeles Street and look for the teal boot and doorway

Store Hours

Tuesday – Saturday 11:00am to 7:00pm

Sunday 12:00pm to 6:00pm




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