Glad To Have Met You, Los Angeles

From your gritty streets to your breathtaking skyline rooftop views, I adore everything about you, LA...except maybe your parking.

DTLA Photography

This past week, I took to the streets of Downtown LA with my little brother Christian (@chinflix_) and good friend Stephen (@sttephen). Being LA natives, we find it becomes a bit un-motivating visiting the same places that all the other photographers frequent. For this reason, our usual route is a photo walk around Broadway with the intent of creating interesting images out of everyday DTLA life.DTLA Photography

Not knowing what you’ll find on the streets is a test for us as photographers because it forces us to be creative and to have an open eye for new perspectives.  I also love that life in and around Broadway offers a wide array of different types of photography.   All of these images are from that day and, as you can see, we were able to capture everything from street portraits to reflections and even creative symmetry.DTLA Photography

LA is filled with unique characters and breathtaking architecture. It just takes the right mind to find the beauty in it.