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Sip In Style At Skyspace's New Garden Bar


Garden Bar OUE Skyspace

Finally! A craft beer bar that is classy and has views for days! I’ve recently been indulging on craft beers and genuinely on a hunt for cool spots to check out. There’s a lot of breweries around downtown that offer great beers and solid vibes but nothing that has a more upscale and “date appropriate” feel. I’ve been on the hunt for the last couple months and (tada!) – Enter the Garden Bar at Skyspace Los Angeles.



When hearing the idea of another craft beer bar, you get the sequential eye-roll, but having finally deciding to pay this place a visit you will not be disappointed. Admission to Skyspace Los Angeles is required so my Girlfriend and I used this opportunity to turn it into a fun-date rather than casually grabbing drinks. Parking wasn’t tough at all and there’s plenty of lots available in case you decided to drive.  We Ubered because driving in downtown tends to give me copious amounts of road-rage =/



The slide at Skyspace is fun and the views are breath-taking, but having already done that before, it wasn’t something I was enamored by. What I really wanted was to grab drinks at the Garden Bar! The Garden Bar offers a variety of different craft beers to try and my girlfriend enjoyed her selection of red wine and rose. The best part about this spot is the view! Located right below the main deck of Skyspace Los Angeles, if you time it perfectly, you can catch one of the most beautiful sunsets from one of the tallest buildings in Los Angeles.


OUE Skyspasce



We originally planned to be there for an hour but the views, the drinks and the service make up for the trip all the way up the tower. There are also 2 open-air decks that you can step out on and enjoy the nice LA evening breeze. The space is large enough that it never feels too crowded and there was enough room to check out views from both sides of the city. Additionally, for being a bar with incredible views, the drinks were modestly priced!


Beer by the pint: Starting @ $5

Wine by the glass: Starting @ $7

Beer or Wine Flights: $10

Small Bite Appetizer Menu



As for the food, they have a fairly solid small bites menu but we didn’t really partake as the drinks were enough. It did look good though as we saw food being brought out to other guests.

Overall, the Garden Bar is classy, trendy and a must to checkout if you’re visiting Downtown.