35mm’s of Downtown LA

Film Photography In Downtown LA

Being an Overtime Hustler in LA can be crazy.  Non Stop motion, deadlines, project, failures, and success.  It’s quite a way to live out your 20’s.  As time goes on you begin to realize the importance of Hobbies and Activities that allow you to relax and express yourself creatively outside of your everyday hustle.  This journey and eventual realization brought me to the Art of Film Photography about 5 years ago.

downtown los angelesI was walking around my neighborhood and stumbled into an old thrift store where they had a gorgeous Minolta Srt 202 35mm Camera sitting on the shelf.  I had never fancied myself a photographer before, but something about this antiquated device enticed me.  It was big, metal, and crude compared to modern tools of photography; yet elegant in its own maturity.  So I bought it. I had no idea whether or not the thing even worked or how to work it, but somehow 6 months later I had proclaimed myself an “Amateur Street Photographer” and could be found exploring the unknown in the streets of LA with that old film camera.

downtown los angelesI began taking classes at school and experimenting at home to perfect my craft and find my style.  It was enjoyable to say the least, and to this day I remain Loyal to Film as a medium for photography over digital methods.

downtown los angelesSince I started The Happening In Group  two years ago I have found that I have fewer and fewer opportunities to explore my love for shooting film.  I am so busy now with countless projects and deadlines a simple photo excursion amounts to taking a Tropical Beach Vacation.

downtown los angelesIn the recent months I have begun to make more of an effort to explore my city and capture moments and elements that I think will inspire.  To further encourage my exploration of Film Photography I have begun this submission series “35mm’s of Downtown LA” to share my work with the people that Live in and Love This City.

downtown los angeles

downtown los angeles

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