Pop Up Playtime at Goldenboys’ “Stoner-Centric” Chinese feast

At a time when “healthy” and “Chinese food” don't typically intersect, the GoldenBoys aim to change that by creating modern Chinese food with the help of SoCal’s fresh and local farmers’ markets.

This last Monday, May 16, GoldenBoys Chefs Hunter Pritchett and Adam Midkiff teamed up with Spread Kitchen to showcase their 5-course menu of self-proclaimed “Chinese Fare and LA stoner-centric cooking.”

Outside the entrance of Spread Kitchen in DTLA's Historic Core
Outside the entrance of Spread Kitchen in DTLA’s Historic Core

The GoldenBoys have fond memories of Chinese Food family dinners growing up.  These memories, along with their food travels and experiences enjoying humble “Mom and Pop Chinese Take Out,” inspired them to create their own take on Chinese Food.  The pair met at Sous Chefs at Son of a Gun. Midkiff later moved on to work at Red Medicine, Corner Door and is currently a Sous Chef at Sambar. Pritchett moved onto Waterloo and City, and later became a Corporate Chef for Mendocino Farms and Chef Consultant.

Table Arrangements for Golden Boys Pop-Up Restaurant
Table Arrangements for GoldenBoys’ Pop-Up Restaurant with Tsingtao Braised Peanuts Featured
Diners seated for Golden Boys Pop-Up
Diners seated for GoldenBoys Pop-Up at Spread Kitchen in DTLA’s Historic Core

I know what you’re thinking—there are tons of Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles!  However, there are few that aim to cook their food using the high quality produce of Southern California.  As Chef Pritchett tells Happening in DTLA, “We purchase the bulk of our produce from local farmer’s markets, and only use high quality Jidori Chicken and Heirloom Pork.  We aim to make people feel good about eating casual Chinese food without having to worry about low quality ingredients, artificial coloring and sweeteners, and questionable hygiene practices.”

The Firebreather
“The Firebreather” at Spread Kitchen in DTLA’s Historic Core

Housed in Spread Kitchen on Main Street, the pop-up restaurant on Monday had two dinners with about 30 guests at each.  Spread Kitchen was a great space to showcase because of its warm ambiance and communal feel.  Prior to dinner seating, most guests congregated in the bar area and had the opportunity to order a special cocktail created by Spread Kitchen Resident Mixologist, Raul Pool.  Inspired by the GoldenBoy’s menu, “The Firebreather,” a delicious rum-based cocktail, combined dragon fruit, orange juice, Firewater Tincture, pineapple, and mint created exclusively for the night.

Kung Pao Mock Eel
GoldenBoys’ Kung Pao Mock Eel
Matzo Ball Xio Long Bao
GoldenBoys’ Matzo Ball Xio Long Bao

The culinary experience began with yummy Tsingtao Braised Peanuts, which were delectable since they had taken in the flavor of the Chinese beer.  Following this was the Kung Pao Mock Eel with shitake mushrooms, smashed cucumber and coriander, followed by Matzo Ball Xio Long Bao. Essentially, these were dumplings that not only had a great filling with delicious broth but were also surrounded by savory pickled carrots and black garlic schmaltz. The Ma Po Cauliflower came out next. This was a country ham dish with peanuts, Szechuan peppercorn and pickled vegetable fried rice. The next dish was the Red Cooked Pork Cheek that had crab and cream cheese congee, crispy garlic, charred gai-lan and a kumquat duck sauce.  The grand finale was the Hong Kong Donut, a pretzel ball filled with peanut butter and topped off with soy milk caramel and soy salt.

Ma Po Cauliflower
GoldenBoys’ Ma Po Cauliflower
Red Cooked Pork Cheek
GoldenBoys’ Red Cooked Pork Cheek
Hong Kong Donut
GoldenBoys’ Hong Kong Donut

Feeling like you missed out?  Goldenboys have two more pop-up restaurants coming up at Spread Kitchen on June 6th and the Newbury Lofts in collaboration with Feastly on May 23rd.  The group intends to continue providing Downtown Los Angeles with guerrilla Chinese food through their moveable dinner series.  As Chef Pritchett notes, “I am a resident and know first-hand how underserved DTLA is in the good quality Chinese food department.  Downtown is becoming so dense, and there is a huge opportunity to bring great quality, fast and fun Chinese food to the growing number of residents.  All large American cities (NYC, Chicago, San Francisco) have a deep Chinese restaurant culture. Unfortunately what is offered in DTLA right now could be so much better—and we aim to solve that problem!”

End of the night in the Spread Kitchen Bar Area
Happy Diners at the end of the night in the Spread Kitchen Bar Area

Spread Kitchen 334 S. Main Street Los Angeles, California 90013 (213) 537-0284 www.spreadkitchen.com

Open Daily from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Next Golden Boys Pop-Up at Spread Kitchen: Monday, June 6th. Purchase Tickets soon on Spread Kitchen’s Event Page.

Instagram: @spreadkitchen Facebook: www.Facebook.com/spreadkitchen


Golden Boys Chinese Restaurant: Moveable Dinner Series/Pop-Up Restaurant

Pop-Up at Newberry Lofts in collaboration with Feastly: Monday, May 23rd. Purchase Tickets here.

Instagram: @goldenboyschinese