DTLA Voices: Tribe Artists Take On Being A Millennial Entrepreneur

A stimulating interview with DTLA resident JEĀN CLĀUDE, President & CEO of Tribe Artists

Millennials. You either love them, hate them, or are one of them. Either way, if you’re a company or a brand, you probably could benefit from the skill set of a Millennial, due to that fact that we’re tech-savvy, confident, energetic and driven. We’re young adults who are here to make an impact, and face any challenge that is presented to us. Nonetheless, it’s time to stop putting Millennials in a box. No one likes being placed in a box, unless it’s a present, and even those get unwrapped and opened in the end. Let our presence be your present. We mean to do no harm, but we strive to be taken seriously. Which is why it was so stimulating to sit down with Tribe Artists President and CEO JEĀN CLĀUDE to talk about digital marketing, his newest endeavor, and what it’s like to be a Millennial Entrepreneur. 

13181157_10207288766631077_2024248140_nAneesah Moore: Give me a bit of background on yourself and Tribe Artist. I know you’re based out of DTLA, but how did Tribe Artists come about?

JEĀN CLĀUDE: After growing up in Orange County as a musician, I decided to move to London, because I wasn’t feeling inspired and wanted to figure out who I was as an artist and businessman. I was 16 when I began attending school at London Metropolitan University. While in school, I majored in Business Marketing and Public Relations. When I got back to the States, I acquired an internship for Eva Longoria. From there, I began working at a handful of different digital marketing agencies in the Los Angeles area. I worked on accounts ranging from MTV, Fresh and Easy, Pinkberry, to Scopely, Jared Leto, and a slew of other brands. At the time, I was very young and amazed at the level of accounts I was working on through these agencies. It allowed me to have a deeper understanding on how to market to millennials, being a millennial myself. I firmly believe that it gave me an advantage when it came to speaking to clients and pitching campaigns. In a sense, being a millennial allowed and easy approach due to millennials being the main consumer for any industry during 2016 since tech is a driving force, and millennials are on the cutting edge of a lot of social media and digital marketing.

AM: We really are on the cutting of of social media and digital marketing. Which isn’t unexpected considering millennials grew up in a digital era.

JC: Definitely.



AM: In regards to projects, what you are currently working on?

JC: Things are moving so rapidly, that it feels as though Tribe Artists is heading in the right direction. Mainly because within the first month of launching we signed our first luxury brand, EB Florals by Eric Buterbaugh. Eric is a world renowned celebrity florist who has worked in the industry for over 25 years. He started off doing floral arrangements for Versace, Dior, and Lanvin in the early 90’s, and has worked his way up to developing his own fragrance and candle line that’s now available at Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorfs. Tribe Artists will be handling all of the digital marketing, celebrity, influencer sponsorships, content curation, and ad buying being distributed to both Saks and Bergdorfs.


(Video Courtesy of Tribe Artists)

AM: That’s very exciting! Eric definitely has an impressive roster and background in the industry. With everything that’s happening, where do you see yourself in the future?

JC: Tribe Artists will be expanding with a Paris location this year. We plan on opening that location this fall.and networking throughout Europe. Not only will we be a full service digital marketing agency, but we branching off into an online store selling high end designer wear, antiques, tech and novelty items. We intend to cater to a lot artists around the world, selling their art to top tier influencers, millennials and business owners throughout the world. to give those. We’ll also be actively supporting rebels with causes, and artists in every country that do not have a voice based on their own dictatorship. We are a multimedia experiencing group that truly focuses on creating the highest level of innovative content for companies, artists, musicians, or anyone that has a creative streak within them. I personally see Tribe Artists evolving into a magazine long term, along with launching a annual non-profit gala.

(Video Courtesy of Tribe Artists)

AM: What advice would you give to Millennial Entrepreneurs that are starting off in the workforce, or interested starting their own company?

JC: The advice I would give to Millennial Entrepreneurs is to never allow the stereotypes of a Millennial dictate your future. Common stereotypes of a Millennial are lazy, entitled, and inattentive. If you surpass those stereotypes as a Millennial Entrepreneur, then no one can call you lazy, entitled, or inattentive, because you’ll always be on the cutting edge of technology. Also, never look at what your competitors are doing. When you focus on what your competitors are accomplishing, you’re losing valuable energy that can be put towards something else.

AM: Very good advice. Now I’m going to ask you a series of questions. I don’t want you to think too hard when it comes to answering them. First thought that comes to mind. On the count of three, 1, 2, 3…Favorite place to eat in DTLA?

JC: Sugarfish Sushi

AM: Favorite place to shop?

JC: Elliott Evan Atelier. For the past four years, Elliott has handcrafted custom leather and fur for me.

AM: A quote that you live by?

JC: Always remember that you’re the co-creator of your life and the universe is the creator. Remembering that you’re the co-creator allows you to maintain the distinct course towards your supreme destiny.

AM: What song do find yourself playing on constant repeat?

JC: This will definitely be Frank Sinatra’s “I Will Wait For You” – his music is wholesome, caring and timeless.

AM: If Tribe Artists were an animal, what kind would they be and why?

JC: If Tribe Artists were an animal, they would be a peacock. Peacocks have such a beautiful presence. They’re unique, sophisticated, and demand attention. Tribe Artists evokes all those experiences, and the content we create is unforgettable.

AM: That was great! Thank you for having me, and for getting me up to speed with all that Tribe Artists, LLC  has happening. For those of you reading, if you’d like to learn more, please visit their website, and also follow them on Instagram (till next time! xo).

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