DTLA Oasis: Grand Park Splash Pad

Waterworks at Grand Park

I believe that deep within all of us lies an instinct toward hopping into public fountains. Buried within all city ordinances lies a specific regulation against this. But there’s a place within the city that not only gives us permission but beckons for us to enjoy its cool waters. Where you ask? The splash pad and fountains at Grand Park. Pack your sunscreen, flip flops and a few swimsuited kids for an afternoon of sunbathing and water wading.

IMG_3564-18-copy1-1024x683For your convenience and as a reminder that you’re still safely nestled within civilization, there’s even a Starbucks parked within a hundred feet. Although I do enjoy a cup of coffee with snob appeal, when it’s closing in on 90 degrees anywhere with ice can be my friend.

I like this place a lot. My kid can run wild. It’s free. The restrooms aren’t scary. I can pretend I have to chase after my kid, retain my dignity and secretly enjoy the fountains too. All us parents wink at each other as we pretend we always wear bathing suits under our street clothes. Just in case, you know? As if I needed one more reason to love DTLA, Grand Park went and did all this.

IMG_3570-19-copy-1024x575When the sun is simmering, the sparkling wade-depth pool and ground spouts can be a lifesaver. Especially if you’re a city-dweller with kids to keep cool and entertained. Although parenthood isn’t required, be prepared for the majority of fountain fun-havers to be children and their parents. Don’t let that minor detail stop you if you happen to walk by Grand Park on a sweltering day…the shimmering water is not a mirage, it’s an oasis and you are welcome to join in.