Donut Friend
Opens Its Doors
In Downtown LA

The Donut Dreamland is now alive in the Heart Of Downtown LA.

After 3 years of plotting, planning, and hard work; Donut Friend has officially opened its doors in Downtown LA.

Donut Friend Downtown LA

The “Build-A-Bear of Donuts” has spent the last 5+ years proving that  its Donuts Insanely Good and for a lack of better words almost “addicting”. Combine that with a solid track record of customer loyalty, and a simple yet strong brand identity that brings people within and outside of the community that is calls home together; and you’ve got yourself a recipe for continued success.


Donut Friend Downtown LA


And when we peer into the future of Donut Friends Downtown Location we definitely see success; and LOTS of it.

Kudos to them for continuing to keep things simple and to the point.  Walk up to the counter and you’ve got your tried and true selection of staple donuts and coffee, and of course their Build Your Own Donut toppings, options, and more.  Add coffee, espresso, hot tea, and Ice Cream and you’ve got yourself the Official Menu For Heaven On Earth.  This place will be PACKED 7 Days A week. You can bet on that.

It’s really amazing to see their growth; starting out in Highland Park when the neighborhood was still in the early waves of change. They built the brand, a loyal customer base, and to this day hold the position as one of the most popular businesses on York Blvd.  Attracting foodies and everyday people from all over Southern California.  The Downtown LA Location is most likely going to be just as popular if  not many times more.  With the massive pace of re-development, and immigration into the City Center, things are looking pretty good for this Decadent Donut Dreamland.


Donut Friend Downtown LA


Reading this article will only get you so far.  Now it’s up to you to make the pilgrimage and pay homage to one of LA Iconic Small Businesses.  Enjoy.