The Dolly Llama
Downtown’s New Top Dog Treat

DTLA Newest Dessert Shop Offering Unique, Build-Your-Own Waffles

Dolly Llama Ice Cream Downtown LA DTLA

The days of plain old ice cream are no more. People value the unique ways their dessert is presented; almost as much as they enjoy eating it. Innovation in the dessert world is reaching new heights, with different, quirky shops popping up all over the place. In DTLA however, you can find one the best new dessert spots in the city at the Dolly Llama. Dolly Llama Best Ice Cream Downtown LA

Dolly Llama Ice Cream Downtown LA DTLA

Located on Spring St, in the same location where Syrup used to be, lies this dessert shop that offers a new, creative way to serve up fresh waffles and a vast amount of toppings to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

Quickly becoming the hottest dessert spot in Downtown, the Dolly Llama specializes in three different types of dessert-style waffles–the o.g. waffle, the waffle stick, and bubble waffles.

Dolly Llama Best Ice Cream Downtown LA

The o.g. is a traditional flat waffle, thinner, and as delicious as any breakfast waffle you can imagine. The waffle stick, is long rather than wide, and instead of square pockets, v-shaped pockets allow for maximum topping space. Dolly Llama Best Ice Cream Downtown LA

Now, the bubble waffle is what makes the Dolly Llama stand out. Originating in Hong Kong, and now the number one street food there, bubble waffles look different than what we’re used to. It’s almost like the inverse of the waffles most of us are familiar with. Instead of square pockets, these waffles puff out, almost like a sheet of bubble wrap. Once made and cooled, it’s wrapped up into a cone and paired with ice cream.

Dolly Llama Best Ice Cream Downtown LA

The menu is based on a build-your-own dessert concept, so customers first start by choosing which sauces to add like Nutella, peanut butter, or chocolate. Next, guests can add a section of toppings ranging from assorted fruits, cereals, candy and much more to choose from.

Dolly Llama Best Ice Cream Downtown LA

You can add a scoop of ice cream to either the o.g. or waffle stick at an additional cost, while the scoop is included in every order of the bubble waffle.

There’s also a selection of huge ice cream shakes, and tasty hot cocoas to choose from.


The Dolly Llama is located at 611 S. Spring St. in Downtown Los Angeles. They’re open everday from noon to midnight.

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