Desiree Klein SS16 Film at Voyager LA

Desiree Klein showcases her spring/summer 2016


The raindrops collected from Saturday’s passing storm as Desiree Klein had brewed a clothing collection made entirely of linen.

The fashion designer showcased her spring/summer 2016 collection film directed by Resi Bender at Voyager Shop Los Angeles in the Arts District, accompanied by live music from Mocky and Pegasus Warning.

Three female models impregnated their hair buns with soapsuds in the hues of blues, purples and pinks. The colorful shampoos flopped to the garments, ultimately colorizing the tough texture at the necklines. In the name of fashion, stay away Billy Mays. Stains, natural dyes, whatchamacallits, are here to stay.

The Angeleno transplant’s SS16 line consists of pieces ranging from crisscross jumpers to frilly crop tops. “For the SS16 collection, I was thinking a lot about transformation and adaptation. Pull strings transform the very rational geometric pattern of the garment into more romantic fluid shapes,” says Klein.

The silhouettes of the garments are universal, often sexless in nature. There is no trace of functional fixedness for the consumer, as the pieces can be worn, pulled apart and worn in reverse.

Klein’s pre-collection “Shampoo Ginger” from last fall also showcased model friends devouring fruits and staining their muslin pieces. The original garments were eventually sold on Fruitmilk’s website.


The fashion designer moved from Berlin to Los Angeles to set up her flagship shop DESIREEKLEINSTORE in Little Armenia/Los Feliz since spring of 2015. Her pieces were first showcased in the former shop Weltenberger.

Klein’s work has debuted on one of the four 10th anniversary S Magazine covers featuring Caroline Vreeland in March.


Klein, along with designers Hui Hui, Fruitmilk, The Palatines and Mishkan, showcased their collections at Ace Hotel Palm Springs last month.

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Voyager LA is located in 300 S Santa Fe Ave.

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