Degrees of Perfect’s inaugural event

The first of its kind exhibition merging arts and engineering

With no time to waste, but the minutes of attendees waiting in the longest of lines, The Container Yard followed up its two-year anniversary with another celebration of music and art last Friday. Lennox, infamous for air conditioning, brought together engineering and art for the Degrees of Perfect event at the The Container Yard.

IMG_5626Degrees of Perfect is the free and first exhibition of its kind. “[The event] was one of the most challenging, but exciting projects I’ve had during my 37 years at Lennox,” said Product Support Supervisor Tom Johnson.


Five artists from urban aesthetics production company A’Shop painted their stories with thermochromic paint on temperature controlled walls. Each mural started out colorless in the heat. When cooled with Lennox’s ac system, the vibrancy of the purples and reds appeared. Dodo Ose represented “Purity” with his depiction of anima and animus in their respective metropolitan and natural environments. Slick drew along the lines of “Balance” with a life-size representation of drawing hands. Zek One showed “Solar” through abstractions and architecture. Bacon drew an octopus for “Adaptive.” 123klan brought “Quiet” to life with a bear that transitions to “Shhh.” The murals stood around the attendees, like giant solar power LCD keychains.


Johnson said their company chose the ac model SL18 unit, which is the most aesthetically pleasing with the lowest sound levels to accompany the 8’ x 20’ art displays.


Toro Y Moi (Carpark Records) and StarRo (Soulection) played sets throughout the night alongside the murals at The Seaton Stage. Toro Y Moi started off his set with a song called “Grind” from his other music project Les Sins.

Attendees filled up on their choice of either complimentary mules, wine or Pabst Blue Ribbons to keep them warm throughout the low 58 degree night. The music, art and alcohol only added up to the degrees of persuasion.

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