Dance DTLA Is Here!

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Dance DTLA

Original Article By Alysia Gray Painter For NBC Los Angeles

Tallying up every hip shake and rump bump and head swirl and toe tap you’ve engaged in while moving and/or grooving at Dance DTLA?

That’s a toughie, because if you’ve been to every single free night of summertime dance at the Music Center Plaza, and Grand Park, too, over the last decade, and then another half decade on top of that, well… You have earned your dancing queen/king cred, for sure.

There’s no need to tally up every little twirl and leap, however; you only need to keep the 2019 Dance DTLA dates in mind, and where each night will actually be, and what the specific music will be that night.

For the popular series shimmies from here-to-there, popping around various Grand Park locations, BP Hall at Walt Disney Concert Hall, and, wait for it, Music Center Plaza as the summer season wraps up.

We said “wait for it” there because Music Center Plaza has been undergoing renovations. But Labor Day Weekend is the grand reveal, and Dance DTLA will be a part of those kick-off, hello-again festivities.

As for night #1, which spins onto the Grand Park Performance Lawn on Friday, June 21?

Oh sweet, it’s Bollywood. Other themed nights just ahead include Bachata, line-dancing, disco, Hip Hop, tango, Motown, and more.

The whole spectacular, shake-off-the-week shebang is free. 

The whole amazing, raise-your-spirits scene an all-ages event.

And everyone, regardless of their skill level or how often they dance, is welcome.

It’s as community-come-together-ish as celebrations come around Southern California, with the music serving as a gleeful glue of sorts, as attendees strut to the same songs with similar steps.

For the whole rundown, shake it shake it here, and do make sure you’re headed to the right area, on the right Friday night, for the sounds you want to enjoy.

Original Article By Alysia Gray Painter For NBC Los Angeles