Community Cupping

Coffee Porn At Cafe Demitasse

Cafe Demitasse

Cafe Demitasse is very special to me. I love going there. I’ve never been disappointed by a cup of their coffee. Being completely under-coffee-educated, yet over-caffeneinated, I never really wondered why their coffee is so good. I just knew I liked it, but with a lot of helpful explaining from Kim S. at the first community cupping at Cafe Demitasse, I now understand why it’s so easy to worship the stuff and to keep coming back for more.

Why do a cupping? Kim says,”Cupping provides us the opportunity to systematically try several coffees all at once without many of the variables we normally face – the water, ratio of coffee/water, brew method, brew time and your current state. As coffee geeks, this is a priceless opportunity to develop our palette as well as understand the basic flavor profile of each coffee”.Cafe Demitasse

I never thought about it before but it’s true, a cup of coffee can be like a delicious chemistry experiment. Demitasse does a lot of direct trade with specific coffee farms and they roast all their own coffee. Each cup is brewed individually and their baristas are true baristas – they know their stuff. This might not be anything new to a coffee snob but to a blind devotee like myself who didn’t know all the traveling, farming, tasting, roasting and brewing involved to make my humble cup of coffee, this was all astounding. What will Demitasse think of next?

Cafe Demitasse

Hot chocolate with an over-sized flame-kissed marshmallow? They already thought of that and it’s really good and really decadent. Their selection of pastries and desserts are small, but again I have yet to be disappointed. Kyoto iced coffee? They have that too! So Cafe Demitasse is in Weller Court in Little Tokyo. Do yourself a favor and try it.

Give them a follow @cafe_demitasse for info on future community cupping and fresh new menu items/coffee porn.