Coffee & Bikes @ Wheelhouse

An Exciting New Addition to the Arts District

12695166_10156640495250438_1771300252_oCoffee and bicycles seem to go hand-in-hand, especially on the East Side, specifically in the Arts District. Where cycling around and hanging out at coffee shops is more than just a pastime, it’s a lifestyle. Fortunately, there’s a new place Downtown where they combine the love and culture of both, and bring it to you in the form of a brand spanking new hangout called, The Wheelhouse

12669186_10156640494950438_1203036917_o-e1454569893924The Wheelhouse is a one stop bicycle and coffee shop that opened their doors last month on January 15th. Twas a dream brought to life by founders Tami and Chase Spenst. In fact, the shop’s design was led by Tami herself, who also has her own design firm called Pluck. While designing the industrial space, Tami and Chase liked the idea of the urban-explorer, the adventurer – “someone who thrives in the energy of a city but seeks inspiration in outdoor adventures and wandering through new places.” As they decorated the space, they acquired a lot of vintage pieces, furniture and found objects that looked like they went through a lot of experiences. The space itself is very open, and has a nice clubhouse/tree house feel to it. Upon entry, it’s very warm, welcoming and comfortable. A perfect place to have that cup of joe, as you get your bike fixed, or enjoy your time spent getting lost (or found) in their industrial, urban and outdoorsy space.

12669853_10156640494125438_824696462_o-e1454572017986If your bicycle has a flat – no worries! There’s a quick fix stand ready for those that need it. That way, you can service your bike, while you sip on your coffee or tea, and by the time you’re done, your bike will be ready to go, so you can cruise on with your day. You’ll literally be killing two birds with one stone.

12696313_10156640493800438_621776393_o-e1454572832941As for retail, the shop’s offering includes bicycles from Handsome Cycles (from $599), Heritage Bicycles (from $799), Surly Bikes (from $1275) and the highly sought after Rivendell (from $1300, frame only), House of Talents baskets, bags from Anhaica, Sackville and Topo, helmets from Yakkay and Bern, as well as a complete variety of stylish and thoughtful bicycle accessories to create a customizable experience.

Now go grab your bicycle and go get your coffee (or tea) on at The Wheelhouse. A place that takes two things that are typically very intimidating (bicycles and coffee), yet their founders made them very approachable and exciting, because “The Wheelhouse is really about people and being able to showcase the work of amazing makers, doers and adventurers,” explains Chase Spenst (co-founder). Like I said in the beginning, coffee and bicycles, it’s more than just a preference or hobby, it’s a lifestyle.
Till next time…ride, drink and be happy! xo.
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The Wheelhouse | 1375 E. 6th Street #6 | Los Angeles, CA 90013
Coffee Hours: 7am- 5pm, 7 days a week
Retail + Service Hours: 10am-6pm, 7 days a week
Car and bicycle parking is available