Clifton’s Cafeteria
Is No More
To be Replaced By Marketplace

Gourmet Marketplace coming to the former first floor dining area.


Original Article Credit: Matthew Kang For Eater LA

Earlier this year, perhaps in spring, though it’s unclear exactly when it stopped, Clifton’s Republic in Downtown LA ceased serving food at the first floor cafeteria. Franklin Avenue first reported the change when they received a tip that the cafeteria, which long had a “pay what you wish” policy under previous ownership, was closed to make way for what management was calling the Exposition Marketplace. Apparently the current management is promising the return of historic and traditional dishes while bringing on some “new classics.”

Meieran reached out to Eater to comment on the temporary closure, saying the Exposition Marketplace will open in the first quarter of 2019, with classic Clifton’s dishes plus some globally inspired dishes based on travel. Meieran says he hopes to serve a wider array of dishes instead of the more traditional American offerings that the cafeteria used to serve. To comment on the cafeteria’s closure, Meieran did say that they were working on the marketplace idea about a year after Clifton’s reopened because of the “peculiarities and complexities” of operating the cafeteria.

Considering the mixed reactions of the reopened cafeteria, it perhaps makes sense to have a more streamlined and easy to operate food situation at Clifton’s. Fans of the cafeteria reacted strongly to the cafeteria’s closure on social media.