City Of Angels: A Conversation with Nicolette Spear

Beautiful People doing Beautiful Things in DTLA


This Happening in DTLA series Angels of LA follows the L.A. residents that make our city as beautiful as they are. Not only are they pursuing their passions in the city of dreams, they are also making a real impact on their community.  This week, we spoke to Nicolette Spear: artist, body painter, and founder of Body Fine Art and Biorhythm LA.  Born in Honolulu, Spear was a former Red Cross employee in Panama and also lived in the French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe. She currently resides in Los Angeles. Her art is imaginative and often times surreal.

“My artwork touches on subjects of the human condition,” says Spear.


What led you into body painting?

“The first time that I ever body painted someone was for a Halloween costume.  I was asked to paint the human musculature system.  It was super demanding and took way longer than I thought it would, but it came out beautifully.  The moment that I saw my artwork walking around in front of me with a life of its own I was hooked!”RNP-19

How has LA shaped/impacted you as an artist?

“The city of Los Angeles shows up in my paintings a lot, both on canvas and in my body painting.  I grew up in rural main and urban metropolis have always been a fascination of mine.  Now that I live in one of the largest ones in the world, I find that I can’t help being influenced by it. Recently, I’ve been incorporating themes of nature and human beings coexisting harmoniously, which is influenced by what I’d like to see more of here in Los Angeles, but I haven’t always been so optimistic in my work. ”


How was your group Biorhythm born and what is its goal/mission?

“Biorhythm is an event put on by my production company Body Fine Art, which is most known for an international body painting championship that we threw last May in 2015. During the competition, many of the models demoing artists body paint were also performers.  It was then that I realized the beauty of collaboration between performing artists and body painters.  I met the other core members of our group Cody and Siobhan Shiva, performance acroyoga artists known as the Astrobats, musician Ireesh Lal and live painter Norton Wisdom soon after. We started jamming and Biorhythm was born! Our vision is to inspire others with our art by producing shows that help people imagine outside of the box.  We want our stimulating visuals to offer up something unique with a certain wow factor that our audience will remember. As the production designer for Biorhythm, I often have a message or a theme that I would like to communicate, but most importantly I want our shows to make people think.  ”


What is your personal mission as an artist?

“My personal mission is pretty similar to the vision of Biorhythm. I know that I can’t control the world or other people, and I wouldn’t want to. My need to express is personal to me in that I seek to convey my experience.  My mission is to encourage others to express their inner truths. My greatest wish is that our audience members will leave our shows thinking of something new that they would like to create, whatever that is. I believe that creativity begets creativity.”


Upcoming events to keep our eyes peeled for?

“We have lots of upcoming events to check out and we are booked for other events too.  To keep up on our latest shows follow us at and/or We are also on Twitter and Instagram. The next big show that we haven’t actually announced yet will be at the Wanderlust venue in Hollywood on August 6th.  It’s going to be amazing! Tickets will go on sale sometime in June.”