Castro Frank: Street Stories

Walk with Street Photographer Castro Frank, as he illustrates the making and interactions with the everyday people in our city of Los Angeles.




Contemporary Street Photographer, Castro Frank was born on August 28th, 1983. This Los Angeles native’s style of photography fuses together a journalistic approach with an artistic eye to create imagery that is raw and speaks powerfully of our time. His compassion and empathy for the disenfranchised within our society has prompted him to capture them in such a way which attempts to restore the humanity and dignity of those often forgotten. Castro turns his lens towards systematic and societal issues that plague our nation i.e. homelessness, prostitution, poverty, drug abuse, and the plights of immigrants here in America.

“I never chose to photograph only the homeless or drug addicts.  All my subjects are shadows of my past. These are the same struggles I lived through during my childhood.”- Castro Frank





Featured Photographer: Castro Frank- @meetfrankiec

Shot/Edited: Manuel R. Velenzuela – @manuelvalenzuelajr



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