Brack Shop Tavern: DTLA’s Newest Cocktail + Sports Bar

DTLA's newest Tavern ambitiously sets out to create an atmosphere for Sports Lovers and Foodies alike. You may come to watch the game but you will without a doubt stay for the delectable food and cocktails.


Brack Shop Tavern Downtown LA

After only being open for less than a year, Barrel Down closed its doors.  It seems as though DTLA was not ready for a Beer Hall with 40 taps of American Beer.  It did not take long for Last Word Hospitality to swoop the space up and turn it into a unique creation of their own.  Within 3 weeks the space was flipped upside down and Brack Shop Tavern was born. The interior was designed by Rick Kline, the visionary who has also designed other DTLA favorites; Golden Gopher and Seven Grand.  With a revamped space, Brack Shop Tavern sets out to break away from the other bars in DTLA by focusing on their cocktail program and by serving more than the ubiquitous bar foods. Brack Shop Tavern Downtown LA



Adam Weisblatt from Last Word Hospitality tells us: “The food at Brack Shop Tavern is based on seasonality and freshness to contrast typical bar fare. We want this to be a comfortable spot where you can watch a game or hang out with some good, satisfying food and drinks with attention to detail.”

Spritz & Giggles Cocktails + Chermoula & Nori Popcorn


Brack Shop’s menu is an upper scale version of comfort food.  Some of the delicious appetizers that you can start off with are their Chermoula & Nori Popcorn and their Street Fruit which mixes assorted fresh & pickled fruit with pica salt for your dipping pleasure.  As well as Twice Baked Wee Potatoes that are topped with bacon, sharp cheddar, sour cream and chives.  Their meatless Mole Tacos are also light enough to be an appetizer.  They are made with cauliflower, pickled red onion, lime crema on a homemade tortilla.  You can pair these appetizers with a light punch-y drink like Spritz and Giggles which is a mix of Aperol, cherry cider and mint served over ice or a cold Lagunitas Pilsner on draft.

Twice Baked Wee Potatoes
Just Another Tequila Sunrise Cocktail + Cauliflower Mole Taco
Street Fruit with Pica Salt

The other highlights on the menu were plates that were more substantial like my personal favorite; the Pickled Shrimp.  The name of the plate may sound simple but the taste is anything but.  Cups filled with shrimp, fennel, red onion, fresno chiles and topped with lime were served on a wooden board with toast on the side. The taste was unique, fresh and filling without feeling heavy.

Pickled Shrimp


If you are looking for something a little more hearty, that is where their Patty Melt comes in.  This burger combines a beef patty on white bread with roasted jalapeno pimento cheese, red onion and pickled green tomato.  The Patty Melt is juicy and flavorful and the pickled green tomatoes that initially were thought to be pickles, give the burger an incredibly distinctive flavor.  It is evident that there was thought put into creating this burger.  It would have been very easy to go with the quintessential cheeseburger or sliders that every tavern and bar have on their menu but Brack Shop took no short cuts and created a really unique and delicious item out of something considered quite basic.

Patty Melt


You can wash those plates down with some of their signature cocktails like Just Another Tequila Sunrise, a tequila based drink that combines mezcal, passion fruit, cayenne syrup and hibiscus served on the rocks. Or if you need a pick me up and bourbon is more of your thing, try their incredible Brack Shop Coffee that combines chicory bourbon, amaro and a cold brew coffee.

Spritz & Giggles and Just Another Tequila Sunrise Cocktails


Brack Shop Tavern has created a dim lit space with an inviting atmosphere that calls for guests to cozy up to the bar to watch the big game or in booths to enjoy yummy well thought out food and cocktails.  Join them soon for brunch on Sundays or for an after work cocktail.

Brack Shop Tavern 525 W. 7th Street Los Angeles, California 90014

Instagram: @brackshoptavern

Hours- Monday- Saturday: 4:00 p.m.- 2:00 a.m. Sunday: 10:00 a.m.- Midnight