Birds & Bees: The Hidden Speakeasy Opens

Downtown L.A.'s newest speakeasy opens with a cool 1950's vibe while showcasing an expert cocktail program.

What is it about secret places that make them so intriguing?  It seems like secret places make us feel like we can discover a place that no one else knows about.  Like the secret itself is tangible and it’s ours.  Almost like we can claim some type of ownership of it.  That’s part of the allure of one of DTLA’s newest speakeasy cocktail bars;  Birds & Bees. Birds & Bees Speakeasy DTLA Downtown LA

Birds & Bees Speakeasy DTLA Downtown LA

It takes some searching to get to this new subterranean hot spot.  The secret entrance that leads to the hall, that leads to the front door of this new speakeasy, is in a random DTLA parking lot. There are no signs to direct you and the name Birds & Bees is nowhere to be found. Once you get past the entrance, you walk down a flight of stairs and down a cool looking brick hallway.  At the end, you will see a yellow door and will be pleasantly surprised to enter a fabulous 1950’s era looking lounge.

Birds & Bees Speakeasy DTLA Downtown LA

The space is a lovely mix of mid-century furnishings, wood and steel accents all surrounded by cement beams and walls.  The space is intimate with seating for approximately 120 people.  The area feels spacious and the options for seating range from sitting at a table for four, sitting at a stool at the bar or simply standing at one of their high top tables.

Birds & Bees Speakeasy DTLA Downtown LA
Cocktail on Left: Pat Boone (Almond-infused Rye Whiskey, Pedro Ximenez Sherry & Absinthe) Cocktail on Right: Doris Day

Birds & Bees Speakeasy DTLA Downtown LA


Cozy up to the bar if you want to stay in view of all the cocktail action happening behind it.  Bartenders? No.  The ladies and gents behind the bar are an extraordinary group of hard working individuals and are the definition of true mixologists.  This is evident once you watch them make your cocktail.

Birds & Bees Speakeasy DTLA Downtown LA
Cocktail: Desi Arnaz (A mix of Rum, Chinese Five-Spice Cordial, Creme de Peche, Pineapple & Lime)

The cocktail program is so exciting and so different that there is no other DTLA bar doing anything close to what they are doing here at Birds & Bees.  Sticking with a mid-century theme, their cocktails are named after stars Doris Day, Desi Arnaz, Korla Pandit, Pat Boone and Ella Fitzgerald.

Birds & Bees Speakeasy DTLA Downtown LA

If you’re looking for a stiff drink, try their Ella Fitzgerald.  It is a spin on the classic dirty martini but instead of olive juice, they’ve replaced it with pickle juice.  They top off this martini with it’s classic garnish; a toothpick with olives.  No need to worry if your drink runs low, a small carafe filled with the same concoction surrounded by ice is placed in a side cup in order to refill your glass.  Included in the side cup is a toothpick stacked with a pickled onion, pepper, green bean, and a pickle all for snacking while you sip.

Birds & Bees Speakeasy DTLA Downtown LA
Cocktail: Ella Fitzgerald

All of the cocktails were interesting and delicious but there was one that really stood out.  Birds & Bees calls it the Doris Day.  Although, after tasting it, the consensus is that it should be re-titled “The Best Cocktail in all of DTLA.”  That is quite a bold statement considering there are several incredible places in Downtown creating amazing cocktails but there is no denying that the Doris Day is “the one.”

Cocktail: Karla Pandit (A mix of Butternut Squash-infused Rum, Masala-infused Cognac, Orange Liqueur & Lemon)

The ingredients of the Doris Day are simple but the idea to put these ingredients together is what makes the cocktail so extraordinary and so tasty.  Bourbon, honey and lemon are mixed together and fill up the bottom half of the cocktail glass. Then a matcha tea foam is added to fill up the rest of the glass and finally a flower is added to the top as garnish.  Once you begin drinking the Doris Day, the texture of the foam and the taste of the bourbon, honey and lemon make for an out of this world taste experience.  The cocktail is not too sweet and not bitter like sometimes green teas can be.  It is the perfect blend of flavors and your taste buds will be singing for joy.

Birds & Bees Speakeasy DTLA Downtown LA
“The One” aka The Best Cocktail in DTLA: Doris Day

While there are many bars and lounges in DTLA, Birds & Bees has definitely set themselves apart with their incredibly creative cocktail program.   The bar aesthetic and tasty drink menu make it the perfect place to go to impress a date or get together with friends.  Be prepared to spend around $14.00 per cocktail. Pricey but these delectable cocktails are worth every penny.

Birds & Bees 207 S. Broadway Los Angeles, Ca 90012 

Open Monday thru Thursday: 5PM- Midnight, Saturday and Sunday: 5PM- 2AM, Sunday: Closed


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