BENJAMIN Salon Comes to DTLA Arts District

An Amazing New Salon in the Arts District where Beauty, Art, and Amazing Service are the norm.

12The Benjamin Salon is a Los Angeles based hair care brand founded by Benjamin Mohapi, a British-born hairstylist. The original spot for this salon is located in West Hollywood and during the summer, the salon had branched out and opened another spot in DTLA Arts District. Benjamin Salon Downtown LA


The moment I walked into the salon, I was taken back. The design and décor of the salon caught my eye immediately. You notice that the space is filled with books, art by Poster Child Prints, lamps, vases and other classical trinkets.

I believe that presentation is such an important factor to any salon. Because of its aesthetic presence, Benjamin Salon is not just any ordinary hair salon.

As a makeup artist myself, I have seen such a fixed representation of what beauty is, but at the end of the day, it is about the art. It is about the beauty you see in everyone and everything. It was so refreshing to see a salon epitomize the value of art, creativity, and simplicity.

For my experience, I decided to go in for a deep conditioning treatment for my hair.

Dealing with some knotty, dry hair :/
Inphenom is a 5 step conditioning treatment that repairs hair from the inside out. Step 1: A “Penetrator” is sprayed on your to open up your hair shaft, which allows the treatment to go to the inner cortex of your hair. Step 2: The “Repair” step is a foamy-mousse retains the moistures in inner cortex of your hair shaft. strands, allowing for more penetration. Step 3: The “Cuticle” step is a thick conditioner that seals your cuticle layers to lock the moisture in. Step 4: The “Seal” step is a liquid that locks all the ingredients in your hair. Step 5: The “Coat” step is a cuticle coat that restores the lipid coat on the surface of the hair, which keeps your hair shiny ☺

4This treatment made my hair SO soft. When it came time for Chase Izm to style my hair, he could actually run his fingers through it.

Chase is an amazing stylist to work with. He listens and cares. As he worked on my hair, I saw his love for what he does. At the end of the day, this is what makes a client feel appreciated. It is not just about using nice products or getting your hair curled. It is about the overall experience. It is about the energy you feel from the stylist. When you have someone who cares and who sees more than those knots in your hair, you will see the beauty in yourself. You will come out feeling better about yourself…plus nicely curled hair 😉
_mg_7888 Time for curls!
Finishing touches
That moment you can whip you hair around because it’s soft again

If you are in the Arts District, definitely check out Benjamin Salon!  You will receive an amazing experience that will have you coming back.

screen-shot-2016-09-05-at-5-43-49-pmPhotographer: Castro Frank // IG: @meetfrankiec