Batman 5K to Swoop into DTLA by Twilight

The themed run will honor the iconic hero's 80th anniversary.

batman run 5k dtla los angeles 80th anniversary

Original Article Credit By Alysia Gray Painter NBC Los Angeles

Call it twilight, or the gloaming, or sundown, or dusk, or eventide, if you choose.

However you define the moment when day meets night, you know that there is a hero out there who is especially connected to the time when the moon rises, skyscraper windows begin to glow, and the Batmobile can leave its cave.

It’s Batman, of course, that we’re talking about, and while the icon is much associated with night as a concept, a 5K run in his honor will take place just as the sky is turning to starlight.

Translation? At 6 p.m., on Saturday, Sept. 21, Batman buffs’ll gather in Grand Park to join a Batman-themed 5K Run and Fan Experience, which is taking place on, yes, Batman Day.

Both Warner Bros. and DC will mark the momentous occasion with a number of memorable happenings for the fans.

Like? The Batmobile will be there, for photos, and there’s a Kids Zone that has a definite Batman vibe.

Will Batman make a cameo? Word has it that is most probable, though few of us would ever demand that the busy city-protector show us his calendar.

Batbuffs, are you ready to also run on the Batman-iest of occasions? Run here first for registration info, the FAQ, what to expect, and more.

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