Base Coat : DTLA’s Non-Toxic Nail Salon

The Newest Nail Salon in DTLA is Big, Beautiful, and Full of Surprises.

img_9541Base Coat Nail Salon opened less than a month ago and in Downtown Los Angeles and they’re already making waves in the Beauty Scene here in the city.  Base Coat Salon Downtown LA

Base Coat Nail Salon is a non-toxic salon; and has all of its products  custom made by FIG & YARROW, a company that produces vegan-friendly, plant-based , and sulfates & paraben free nail products. Because this salon stands firmly with its non-toxic philosophy, they do not offer any acrylic, shellac or gel polishes. Instead, they offer their own Base Coat nail polish that is free of all toxic ingredients.

The appearance of the salon is absolutely stunning. I was so impressed by its outdoor patio, interior design, and set up. The colors are simple (just white, black, and gold) and decorate the salon beautifully with a Moroccan inspired theme.  It’s a nutshell.  It’s a space of simple, clean, and sophisticated beauty.



img_9529Base Coat Nail Salon’s motto is #TreatYoSelf, which perfectly describes my experience.

img_9519Right after I checked in for my appointment, I was offered a refreshing beverage to enjoy with my manicure and pedicure. Clients can enjoy  fruity mock-tails, kombucha, and cold brew with their appointment and sip to their hearts content in the lap of luxury.



img_9506Since it’s winter, I decided to go for a darker winter tone for my nails. 🙂

Color Vine – Base Coat Nail Polish – $20

The nail technicians were very attentive and accommodated all of my needs. I could see how they wanted every cuticle perfect, every nail shaped just right, and of course, a flawless finish on top. I left with beautiful nails, and a great overall experience.



Manicures (Quick, Base, or Luxe Coat) – $30-$50
Pedicures (Quick, Base, or Luxe Coat) – $50-$60

Location: 704 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Hours of Operation: 7 days a week/ 10am- 7pm