A Lisa Frank hotel in Downtown L.A. is bringing your ’90s Sticker Book Dreams to Life

Find the Lisa Frank Flat in Downtown L.A. from October 11 to 27, with reservations for $199 per night.

lisa frank hotel dtla los angeles

Original Article Credit By Michael Juliano for Timeout

We wish we could view the world through the eyes of Lisa Frank if it means seeing everything as rainbow-winged unicorns and neon, jumping dolphins. Well, this fall our sparkly sticker book fantasy may come true as the whimsical ’90s school supply brand is taking over a hotel pop-up in Downtown L.A.

The Lisa Frank Flat is plastering a DTLA penthouse with all things rainbow and heart-shaped this month, and you—yes, you, leopard lunch box-carrying, peace sign pencil case-toting Lisa Frank fan—can spend a night there.

Starting this Friday, October 11, you can book the Lisa Frank Flat through Hotels.com. Assuming you can snag a reservation, you’ll be looking at a rate of $199 for dates from October 11 to 27. Considering it’s just the one room, though, and not an entire hotel, we’d expect it’ll be booked up faster than you can get on a slap bracelet.

lisa frank hotel dtla los angeles

We’ve studied the released images of the room with as much focus as we used to stare at the purple-and-white seal on our binder, and so we’ve noticed some dazzlingly tacky, eye-popping details that would’ve been at home in any dream room from the ’90s: a neon unicorn sign, a light-up canopy over the bed, candy-colored leopard and zebra prints, lots of velvety surfaces and an aquatic-themed bathroom with that recognizable pair of dolphins and their interlocking tails.

The room will also be stocked with a mini bar of all sorts of (complimentary) sugary snacks and—of course, since it’s Lisa Frank—drawing and coloring supplies.

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