The Urban Oven
Delicious Wood Fired Pizzas

Located in The Bloc in Downtown, The Urban Oven offers a carefully crafted selection of wood-fired pizzas at prices anyone can enjoy.

The Urban Oven DTLA Downtown LA

Los Angeles has seen a pizza renaissance of sorts over the past few years. From Pizzanista in Downtown to Cosa Buona in Echo Park, the culinary ingenuity of the city is shown through the way pizza pie is made. New to the scene is The Urban Oven, a restaurant cooking up top-quality pizza at affordable prices.

The Urban Oven DTLA Downtown LA


The Urban Oven started as a wildly popular custom-built, wood-fired food truck back in 2012, doing stops at Silver Lake Wine and various other locations around the city. Owner Scott Tremonti recently moved his business into its first brick-and-mortar location inside The Bloc, a new open-air mall and complex in DTLA.

The Urban Oven DTLA Downtown LA

Here they make pizzas inspired by traditional recipes at conventional pizzerias, but with a modern twist. Flavors of ingredients are very well matched. The dough used is light and doesn’t sit heavy like other pizzas.  

The restaurant is situated on the plaza level of The Bloc. It has tall ceilings, a marble ordering counter and bar, a large wood-fired oven, and a wood-lined dining room with capacity for dozens of patrons. It also offers an outdoor eating area with views into the Bloc courtyard.

The Urban Oven DTLA Downtown LA

Fans of the truck will be glad to know that Termonti has kept the menu essentially the same. The personal-sized pizzas are made in a brick oven using a real wood fire. Sizes of pizza are from the 10″ and 13″ range, while the price varies only a few dollars from $11 to $17.

The Urban Oven DTLA Downtown LA

The curated selection of pizza toppings can be changed, or extra can be added for an additional cost, however the difference between each pie is enough to satisfy any desired flavor. The Tre Verde pizza is a light combination of kale, green onion and asparagus. The Mixed Mushroom offers just that, an array of delectable fungi paired with rosemary and arugula. The classic Margherita pizza at Urban Oven is top-notch and a great choice if you want to familiarize yourself with what the restaurant offers.The Urban Oven DTLA Downtown LA

Also offered are several sandwiches, including the Porchetta, with pickled fennel, arugula, and lemon pesto. The Meatball Sandwich comes with marinara, fresh mozzarella, and parmigiano cheese.

A rotating selection of beer and wine, along with and array of sodas are available to pair with your pizza as well.

The Urban Oven is a cashless restaurant, so bring your credit or debit cards.

The Urban Oven is located at 700 So. Flower Street, inside of The Bloc. It is open from 11:00am to 9:00pm everyday except Sunday.

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