Skyspace LA: Take a Ride on the Wild Slide

The DTLA addition thousands are waiting for

dtAre you a thrill seeker looking for a ticket to slide? The only requirement is to not be afraid of heights, unless you like playing truth or dare – then be my guest! Seriously, prepare and brace yourself for real estate developers latest advancement called OUE Skyspace LA that’s slated to open this Summer at one of California’s tallest buildings (aka the U.S. Bank Tower).

slide-e1457509246419Now the fun stuff. OUE Skyspace LA will feature an open-air observation deck with a panoramic view of the city that will bring attention to the outdoor ‘Skyslide’ attraction positioned 1,000 feet above Los Angeles (yes, you read that right). This slide will be made entirely out of clear glass that is 1.25” thick, and 45 feet long, with an entrance that is approximately 4 feet wide, that will allow visitors to slide from the buildings 70th floor down to the 69th floors outside observation level. That’s pretty insane to think about a slide being perched so high above us. Then again, we’re not used to seeing such things in our city. We usually have to travel to amusement parks like Six Flags Magic Mountain or Disneyland to go on such attractions. Needless to say, for those seeking to find their next adrenaline rush, then you’ll want to mark your calendar for Friday, March 18. That’s when tickets for Skyspace LA and Skyslide go on sale. A daily pass to see all the views will be $25, while a ticket to slide will be an additional $8, and will be sold in timed intervals. That said, do you think you have what it takes to go down the slide of your life? If so, go here.

OUE-10_Skyspace-Outdoor-Deck_Hi-res-2-e1457511727367For more information, or to find out the latest news from OUE, go here.

Skyspace LA | 633 W. Fifth Street | Suite 840 | Los Angeles, CA 90071 | 213.894.9000 | Tickets



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