Register To Attend MTV’s Live Music Series ‘Wonderland’

A fun fresh music series happening in DTLA for free

MTV is putting the ‘M’ back in Music Television with the launch of new live music series ‘Wonderland.’ This weekly series is set in a multi-roomed industrial space located here in DTLA. Each week, Wonderland will feature three various up-and-coming and ground-breaking acts that will take the “stage” and perform. One thing to note, is that tickets are free! Yes, free. Spots may be limited, and we don’t want you or anyone else to miss out on this musical experience. If you are ready to join the ride, click your mouse, or tap your screen, and register to get your free tickets now at Applause (Happy Summer).

Follow  @WonderlandMTV to keep in the know + see more images of previous shows. 

(image courtesy of Jessica Rionero)



Cover photo courtesy of @GenArt

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