Tradition and Longevity: A Look into People’s Choice Beef Jerky

This 89-year-old company founded in Downtown LA uses its dedication to tradition as a springboard into the future. Take a look at it's history and how it's remained relevant.

Peoples Choice Beef Jerky Los Angeles

Nowadays the food industry has a bad reputation. Overly processed, unimaginative products have taken the shine away from the few who do things right. So when food is made with handcrafted, artisanal care, people take notice. People’s Choice Beef Jerky is a family owned and operated company that has brought their long-standing tradition of high-quality, handmade production into modern times. Peoples Choice Beef Jerky Los Angeles.

Specializing in beef jerky, among other meat products, People’s Choice has seen four generations of the Bianchetti family build a sustainable and respected business in Downtown Los Angeles from the ground up.

Peoples Choice Beef Jerky Los Angeles
John Bianchetti, founder of People’s Choice Beef Jerky

It all began in 1929 as People’s Old Market, founded by the patriarch of the company, John Bianchetti. The company now sits in the hands of John’s grandson, Mark Bianchetti, with his son Brian and daughter Sara also taking part in the operation of People’s Choice. Peoples Choice Beef Jerky Los Angeles

Nearly unchanged for almost a century, People’s Choice is one of the few companies around that maintains a high standard of care in the products they create.

We take great pride in our process. It is testament to our tradition. said Brian Bianchetti in an interview with Voyage LA. “We have purposely retained the handmade element in each step of our process. It is our way of preserving tradition, remembering our history, and ensuring the highest quality product.”

Peoples Choice Beef Jerky Los Angeles
Brian and Mark Bianchetti outside of the factory.

Originally started as an all purpose meat shop serving the Downtown area, John decided in 1939 to rename the brand to People’s Sausage Company, starting their path towards meat specialization. It was also at this time that the operation was moved into the location it still occupies to this day on Pico Boulevard in the Fashion District of Downtown.

Peoples Choice Beef Jerky Los Angeles
An employee prepping jerky.

Taking great pride in their process, work is started early in the morning to ensure that time spent crafting each product is ample. Although technology has made it easier for companies to take shortcuts in production, People’s Choice spares no expense. Methods used by John Bianchetti in the 30’s to prepare jerky has remained unchanged by Mark Bianchetti all of 80 years later.

Peoples Choice Beef Jerky Los Angeles
Cured jerky waiting to be packaged.

After that long of a time, recipes and methods of production are all but mastered, leaving room for innovation and creativity to take hold. Aside from the 90 year-old family jerky recipe, People’s Choice offers several other variations to entice your taste palette.

Let’s start with the originals. The Old Fashioned and Classic product lines offer a timeless eating experience, shared by generations of hungry people. Old Fashioned jerky are lengthwise strips of meat and come in two flavors; Hot & Spicy, and Original. Classic jerky is thin slabs of meat and come in Teriyaki, Original, and Hot & Spicy.

Peoples Choice Beef Jerky Los Angeles

The Carne Seca line of jerky draws inspiration from the diverse culinary background Los Angeles has to offer, specifically taking cues from Hispanic jerkys found in Mexico and the Southwest United States. Flavor offerings for Carne Seca include Limon Con Chile, and a shredded Machaca style jerky.

The Tasting Kitchen line of jerky is where the creativity of the company really shines through. Rotating every few months, flavors from around the world will be showcased through the lens of high-quality meats. Some of the flavors in store include; Garlic Ginger, Sweet Chili Habanero, Sriracha, and Orange Honey Teriyaki. Peoples Choice Beef Jerky Los Angeles

Peoples Choice Beef Jerky Los Angeles
A Jerky Box from People’s Choice.

Best part is, if you can’t make up your mind, People’s Choice offers several options of jerky boxes to try. The boxes are broken up into several categories, so that everyone can find the flavor profile that’s right for them.

By being dedicated to the formula that made them successful in the first place, People’s Choice Beef Jerky is a company that has perfected what they do best, in order to keep growing in the future.

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