Metro Unveiling New Electric Bikes

The launch of the new electric bike pilot program.

Meet the New Metro Electric Bike


Metro Electric Bikes



Metro Bike Share is thrilled to announce the launch of the new electric bike pilot program. On November 8th, 2018, a limited number of shared electric pedal-assist bikes were introduced into the existing Metro Bike Share fleet.



Metro Electric Bikes


Just like classic Metro Bikes, you’ll want to follow the rules of the road. The Metro Electric Bike is a pedal-assist electric bicycle and can reach speeds up to 17mph with assistance. The motor only engages when you pedal. You and others on the road may be surprised by how fast the electric bike can go. Higher speed increases the risk of a crash. Warning: if you are in a crash, you could be injured or killed.

Always wear a helmet. People under 18 are required to wear one by law. For more tips, check out our Riding Tips.



Metro Electric Bikes


Ride Today

How to find electric bikes. Metro Bike Share stations that have electric bikes docked at them display a green lightning bolt symbol above the station icon on the station map or app. For the duration of the pilot, there is no additional cost associated with using Metro Electric Bikes.

How to check out electric bikes. Pending availability, you can check out a Metro Electric Bike the same way you check out a Metro Bike, regardless of which pass type you have.   If you are a passholder, you can use your TAP card or look up your account with your phone number at any station to check out a bike. Or you can purchase a Single Ride with your credit or debit card at any station.


Metro Electric Bikes