Metro Bike Share Launches in DTLA

Hop on a bike and ride whenever after Metro Bike Share launches on July 7th

Angelenos, get ready! Metro Bike Share is coming to DTLA on Thursday July 7th! Soon Angelenos and visitors will have round-the-clock access to a fleet of bikes that will be available to check out and ride around the city for short trips or errands (provided that you’re over the age of 16). There will up to 65 stations serving Union Station, City Hall, Grand Park, the L.A. Convention Center, South Park, Chinatown, Arts District, the Fashion District, Little Tokyo, and more. With up to 1000 self-service bikes available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It’s fast, fun, affordable, and also gives one the excuse to ditch your car and bike to work, or at least hop on one for a brief trip. Last week, I was presented the opportunity to test one of the bikes out before their launch date. 


Bike Share is such a novel idea. Curious to know how it works? Here’s how: 1) Purchase a pass, 2) Get a bike, 3) Go for a ride, 4) Give it back. At the end of your trip, make sure your bike is securely locked by listening for the 3 beeps and looking for a green light to indicate a successful return. Don’t hear a beep? Then give the bike an extra PUSH, or try another dock point.


 Already have a TAP card? Great! You can register your existing TAP card, or purchase a new TAP card and register it for one of Metro’s flexible and affordable simple pass options:

  • Monthly Pass: Buy a monthly pass for $20 per month. All trips 30 minutes or less are free and $1.75 per 30 minutes thereafter. This pass option is best if the user expects to take more than five trips per month. People use their registered TAP card to get a bike
  • Flex Pass:  Buy a Flex pass for $40 per year. All trips 30 minutes or less are $1.75 and $1.75 per 30 minutes thereafter. This option is best if users expect to take two to five trips per month or want the convenience of using their TAP card to get a bike
  • Walk-Ups: Not ready to commit to a monthly or flex pass? No worries! Starting August 1st you can walk up to any station kiosk, and then just follow the instructions on the touch screen. This option is best for tourists and visitors to downtown LA. Users can pay per trip using their credit card at any station kiosk

13582403_10157270585625438_376353124_o(Image taken by @Ineedsomemoore)

Whether you’re heading to work, or running an errand, Metro Bike Share allows you to conveniently hop on a bike at one station, and then return the bike to any other station in the system. One thing to note: if the station is full, you must find an open dock at another station in order to return it. If you need extra time to do so, you can get an extra 15 minutes on your trip. Just follow the directions on the touch screen. Want to know where the stations are located? Go here. For the early birds, sign up for a pass today and get an limited edition kit while supplies last! For more information visit their website, or follow @BikeMetro on Instagram.


All Images Courtesy of  Delaram Pourabdi Unless Stated Otherwise



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