Souk Shawarma

Middle Eastern rotisserie-cooked meats for wraps & salads served in a contemporary cafe.

This is the Souk Shawarma.

It is a journey home for those with childhood memories laced with family trips down to the souk, you eagerly await the meat as it is shaved and layered into piping hot pita bread, topped with chopped salad, tahini, fries, pickles. It is a trip inside your scrapbook for the traveler, the explorer who took a moment to rest and refuel, while navigating the never-ending maze of the souk, and the tried shawarma for the first time. It is the perfect balance of timeless tradition and modern fare for those experiencing the flavor of the Middle East for the first time, just a small window into the vast culture and the flavorful cuisine of the region.

There is a reason why we chose Souk as our restaurant name. Being a chef, and an avid traveller, I am reminded by something a celebrity chef said in one of his traveling episodes… “If you find yourself in a foreign land for the first time, and want to learn about the culture and the people, find you way to the local market and you will expose yourself to the food and culture of that foreign land in the best possible way. ” I think back to my first visit to a middle eastern Souk in Tangier and how the experience tickled every single one of my senses and stimulated my imagination.

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