Intercontinental DTLA – Glamorous, Exhilarating and Breathtaking Views!

An Insiders Look at The New Intercontinental Hotel & Wilshire Grand Tower.

Intercontinental DTLA

After an estimated 1.3 billion and four years of construction, the InterContinental DTLA arrived on June 23, 2017. Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown

The AC Martin design is the tallest building west of the Mississippi and has the highest open air bar in the entire Western Hemisphere.

Luxury amenities include an outdoor pool restaurant and bar, and cabanas; fitness center; hotel business center; valet parking and concierge service. And where else but a new addition to DTLA. 

Standing at street level and looking up, the glass and steel exterior rises immensely, sleekly and stunningly straight from the corner of 7th and Figueroa over 1,100 feet into the sky.

Inside waiting is fine dining, elegance and sweeping L.A. views that must be seen. Head up the the 73rd floor for a Timeless (Grey Goose & Cocchi Americano Blanco Aperitivo), some snacks and a stunning LA sunset you’ll never forget.

And there’s more…….

Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown

73 Stories in the SKY

When you enter, forget about the ground floor and make your way to the elevators. All the action requires an initial launch from the ground to the 70th floor main lobby. If you’re a hotel guest, this floor also serves as Check-In so don’t fiddle around; get to the elevators!!

And you may want to be prepared, the 70 floor catapult/elevator leaves some more on the queasy side. Lucky for us, there’s no charge for this theme park ride but save your money, you’ll need it for the food and drink!!

From there, take steps and/or elevators to the other action packed floors 69,  71 and a final short elevator ride to the 73rd floor and Spire 73 the open air bar MUST!

Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown


Before we continue, what about a little background on what preceded the InterContinental DTLA. 

Built in 1872 was the foyer residence. In 1915 it was moved eventually resting at 1337 Carroll Ave, L.A., two miles from the InterContinental DTLA.

Foyer House (1872 – ~1915)

The Foyer house gave way to the Arnold Building which peddled “Greatly Reduced” Hudson and Essex motor cars.

Around 1937, the Arnold building became the Paul G. Hoffman Studebaker Dealership.

Then the Los Angeles Statler Hotel (1952), renamed the Statler Hilton (1954), the Los Angeles Hilton (1968) after a 2.5 Million Renovation,  the Los Angeles Hilton and Towers, the Omni Los Angeles Hotel (1995) and finally the Wilshire Grand Hotel in 1999.

The Wilshire Grand Hotel was demolished in 2012 and out of that hole rose the Mighty Intercontinental. 

After all that I have my money on the InterContinental DTLA being around a lot longer than the Statler!!

(Left to Right) 1 – Arnold Building (1922). 2 – Paul G. Hoffman Studebaker dealership ( 1937). 3 – Statler Hotel (1952). 4. Wilshire Grand Hotel.

The Intercontinental today

The Intercontinental has the amenities by floor/s:

  • Basement to 7th– Podium building with retail, meeting rooms and pool.
  • 11 to 29 – Office space
  • 31 to 68 – Hotel rooms
  • 69th – Restaurants – Sora (Sushi) & Dekkadance (Open Market)
  • 70th– Main lobby and Sky Bar
  • 71st – Restaurant – La Boucherie on 71
  • 73rd – Spire 73 open-air bar

Are you ready to go and see the action !!

31st – 68th Floor. Hotel Rooms

Back to the Intercontinental, there are 880 rooms elegantly designed rooms with floor to ceiling windows.

Where else can you lay in bed and LOOK DOWN on helipads and virtually every other DTLA building.

Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown
889 Elegant Guest Rooms (Floors 31-68)

69th Floor – Sora (Sushi) & Dekkadance (Casual Dining)

Sora is a glamorous sushi serving fresh-cut omakase style on sky-view conveyor belt. Fear not the conveyor belt, the the sushi is excellent and so are the fine Japanese whiskies.

Dekkadance is an all day dining option with a large selection hot food selection (meats, fish, etc)  and great for on-the-go traveler and/or guest looking for a quality meal.

Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown
Dekkadance – Interactive cooking stations serving meat, seafood, Mediterranean style pizzas, paninis and an exciting array of desserts. 70th Floor

70th Floor – Main Lobby

Accessible directly from the ground floor elevator and includes the Lobby Lounge serving the standard variety of drinks, a vodka bar, burgers/sandwiches and light snacks.

Walk the south side of the entire floor for a long expanse of views and lounging oppurtunites for all comers; not just guests.


71st Floor – La Boucherie

An elegant French twist steakhouse with intimate private dining and VIP booths and floor-to-ceiling panoramic views of the L.A. skyline.

Enjoy re-imagined French steaks and seafood classics with an expansive and wonderful wine list.

Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown


73rd Floor – Spire 73

Jump a short elevator ride from the 70th or 71st floor to the roof deck: Floor 73 and the open air bar Spire 73. 

The sleek 73rd story outdoor rooftop bar includes cabana seating, fire pits and small tables situated near the glass exterior that make for cozy, intimate view-filled dining.

A long open bar serving signature cocktails with additional bench seating, two and four person tables and metal umbrellas round out this fabulous.

Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown

Hope you enjoyed the ride and see you soon at Spire 73 and the wonderful Intercontinental DTLA !!


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