Man Who Fought With 2 Women At Downtown LA Hot Dog Stand Turns Himself In

The Man Was A Participate In A Street Fight With 2 Women

Hot Dog Punch 2 Women Downtown LA Arka Sangbarani Oroojian



Arka Sangbarani Oroojian turned himself in to Los Angeles police Tuesday night and was booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

The alleged assault took place at 6th and Spring Streets on the night of Saturday, Jan. 26.

The video shows that the situation was a fight between 3 willing participants.  Oroojian can be seen punching the women in the face after they are seen fighting with him.  Unfortunately the women stood little chance against the  as 6-foot-3,  270 Pound Grown Man (Not Too Hard To Believe).  The video also shows TENS of bystanders including women watching and even cheering for Oroojian’s actions.  There were also security guards or Valet Attendants  from a nearby event/business on the scene who calmly watched the entire incident and allowed Oroojian to flee the altercation after the woman (active & willing participants in the fight) were unable to continue.

This leads us to a few  questions:

  • What REALLY happened?
  • What prompted 2 women to decide to fight a very large and very strong man in the  middle of the street?
  • And why was the onlooking crowd so supportive of his actions?
  • And Finally. What happened to the ENTIRE VIDEO which would show the beginning and foundational reasons of this altercation?

The PARTIAL Video Can Be Seen Here


Another witness told CBS2 that the suspect was arguing with a vendor over the price of a hot dog when the two women got involved, calling him derogatory names and demanding he leave the vendor alone.

And they started punching on him first, said the witness, who only identified himself as Stewart.  once they punched on him first, they started jumping on his back, then he defended himself.


This story and the incident is being FULLY investigated by the LAPD to determine what really happened that night.


Oroojian was being held on $90,000 bail, police said.